HMV Administration

  Al94 20:36 14 Jan 2013

Been predicted for a while but looks likely tomorrow More imminent store closures and job losses.

  Quickbeam 21:04 14 Jan 2013

Your link requires registration.

  nickf 21:05 14 Jan 2013

Just listening to this story on 5Live , they recon its going to happen tonight , store managers being told to discount everything ! If you have any HMV gift vouchers , get to a shop now , if you have any late night shopping centres near you .

  interzone55 21:36 14 Jan 2013

HMV has been in trouble for ages.

They make very little selling DVDs & CDs as they're almost always discounted to match online prices.

Recently they seem to be sticking mostly expensive branded headphones, but once every gullible person has bought a pair of them, what do they sell next, it won't be iPods anymore as the traditional iPod customer now usually has an iPhone

  nickf 22:37 14 Jan 2013

We will end up with empty high streets as online shopping absorbs all business . That is until the tipping point is reached , when there are not enough people with jobs to buy anything , economy collapses , government collapses , and we become a third world country !

  Forum Editor 23:10 14 Jan 2013


That glass of yours is certainly half full, isn't it?

  SillBill 23:12 14 Jan 2013

More like half empty!

  Forum Editor 23:13 14 Jan 2013



I suggest you Google the definition of sarcasm.

  SillBill 23:16 14 Jan 2013

I think I felt that boot before it hit my nether regions.

  nickf 23:18 14 Jan 2013

FE , well , as I am an engineer , the glass is twice the size it needs to be ! lol

  SillBill 23:20 14 Jan 2013

..nd anyway Wikipedia supports MY view!

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