HMS Hood Model

  blazon 82 08:49 28 Aug 2011

I often wonder how many people ever complete these models that are advertised in so many weekly parts. The present HMS Hood model is in 140 parts, and must cost £800 or more and take 2.5 years to complete.

  wiz-king 15:01 28 Aug 2011

I wonder how the plan the production of the bits of the kit. It boggles the mind to think there could be a warehouse some where with thousands of unwanted parts 10,11 ....

  BT 17:20 28 Aug 2011

I wonder how they plan the production of the bits of the kit

Probably because its probably only available on subscription so they have good idea how many to make.

Years ago they used to sell the first 8-10 parts of a set in WHSmiths etc. and they it went subscription only for the rest of the set.

  jimv7 14:07 31 Aug 2011
  johndrew 15:56 31 Aug 2011

Whilst still expensive, is it not cheaper and more convenient to buy a complete kit from a model shop in one go?

For example I found this and prices vary from around £10 to £100 rather than the £800 indicated above. Although the magazine will undoubtedly provide instructions and details of the ship, many kits combined with a bit of research on the internet must surely be as good.

  woodchip 17:12 31 Aug 2011

Be Cheaper to re-float the hood

  Blackhat 17:41 31 Aug 2011

When I see these kind of adds I poo poo them like most people but just think about it differently, as a hobby or pastime.

How many of us spend more than £6 a week on something we enjoy, a hobby/gym membership/regular sport event etc? Or even a night out down the pub.

For some people these kinds of things are very important, house bound or those who do not have the physical capability of doing much more than sticking some plastic together. Something to look forward too every week and a great result when finished.

There are no doubt many who will start these and give up but for some I can imagine they are a very rewarding pastime/hobby for a small weekly outlay when compared to a lot of alternatives.

It is a niche market and a well worked out business plan as they continue to come around every year. I won’t be buying it even though my grandfather went down on the Hood but like many of these offers there are those who will end up with a great model and will have enjoyed building it.

  Forum Editor 23:24 31 Aug 2011

Model ship kits in timber can cost anything from around £50 for a small, simple vessel up to over £800 for a detailed model of the 'Victory' measuring 1.3 metres in length when completed.

Some of these kits produce little miracles of scale modelling if care and patience is spent on construction. A client of mine who lives in Sydney has just spent over a year building a 700mm long sailing ship that is exact in every detail, right down to hundreds of individual rigging lines.

Completed models can sell for substantial sums if well-built. I recently saw a one metre long 'Victory' model on sale in an antiques shop for just under £2000.

  TopCat® 14:40 01 Sep 2011

My elder brother built a model of the Titanic a few years ago from a publication offer. The first, reduced price issue with its starter bits, was bought by his son who naturally thought his Dad would continue the series. Not so I'm afraid, so the son not wanting to spoil it for his father, continued to buy it right up to the last issue, at the full price of course. He just turned up at Dad's each time with the parts.

His father is still unaware of the cost it involved - no-one dared to tell him! Dad did however make a great job of building and painting the ship and it now is mounted in a plexiglass case complete with a carved and polished mahogany base. Should fetch a good few bob should he ever offer it for sale. TC.

  Condom 17:52 01 Sep 2011

I once subscribed to one of these offers but it was a garden series which went on for 2 years. I still have a great reference book for anything I might wish to grow but it was probably an expensive way to go.

The thing that annoys me about the current Hood advert is the impression that this was the latest, biggest and best Battleship when in fact it was rather an old battleship which had undergone a hasty refit which was in fact not quite complete when it was sent on its mission hence the large number of civilians lost when it went down.

  greyballs 19:13 01 Sep 2011

it once took me 2years to build my model ship i was so proud at how well i had done.when a freind asked me why it had took so long i replied cheek it says 3 to 5 years on the box

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