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  realist 14:03 26 May 2008

Wet day down here so thought I'd get the tax return done online.

Took about an hour to get 20% done due to slow response, and then I had to keep refreshing the page to make any progress at all.

Maybe everyone else had the same idea!

Given up for today.

  crosstrainer 14:22 26 May 2008

It's next to nigh on B***** useless I'm afraid, constantly crashes, fails to save your info. etc.

A pathetic, badly under-resourced site. (as with a lot of HMG web sites.)

  peter99co 14:33 26 May 2008

Send an Email to Darling complaining about the service!

  charmingman 15:16 26 May 2008


Weve done this b4 last year to be honest & had the EXACT same problem...could be there hardware.."FE" might know the answer as he's VERY clued up on this kinda area...

  crosstrainer 15:20 26 May 2008

It is hardware, and staff related. I wouldn't trust it with anything, particularly sensitive information.....Look how much they have lost already!

  Pine Man 15:35 26 May 2008

It's far better to us the good old method - fill it in manually and return by recorded delivery.

You know you have done it and that they have got it!

  crosstrainer 15:37 26 May 2008

100% agree!

  realist 15:38 26 May 2008

I've used it in the two preceding tax years with no issues.

However, this year it seems to have a "new look"....

  Quickbeam 15:58 26 May 2008

Last week :)

  Forum Editor 16:08 26 May 2008

that the site just doesn't cope. The government wants more people to handle their tax returns online, but quite what it's doing to ensure functionality is a mystery.

  K_elt 01:03 27 May 2008

As FE says, online completion is the preferred manner these days, meant to be more cost efficient if nothing else, therefore supposedly saving the taxpayer.

Not long ago businesses were being paid something like £250 or thereabouts to encourage online completion.

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