HMP contracted to India

  sunny staines 16:27 05 May 2007

should all prisoners serving over i year be sent out to somewhere cheap like india in to serve their sentences to keep running costs down then brought back at the end of their sentence. with usaul safe guards built in of human rights, 3 meals a day and a hours exercise]. i think in the long term it would save thousands and save tax payers money.

  DrScott 16:45 05 May 2007

might have something to say about that. Why on earth should they be forced to look after our inmates? I suspect accusations of colonialism would be rife.

  johndrew 17:04 05 May 2007

Not a bad idea. It would not only be cheaper, but it would be a greater deterrent to those `willing` to go to prison. Additionally it may well prevent visitors taking `illegal substances`, mobile `phones and other items considered (apparently) desirable these days to inmates.

As for the Indian government being unhappy; provided we paid the right sum I`m certain they would take the work on. India has taken much other work from other countries why not this which would aid our tax system.

Failing that perhaps the Americans who run prisons in Iraq and other countries .......!!!!

  The Brigadier 17:10 05 May 2007

Is this a joke!

  pj123 17:15 05 May 2007

Didn't we try that once before, a long time ago?

The Country that we sent them to then is now better off than we are.

  sunny staines 17:39 05 May 2007

if india did not want to know eastern europe might

  sunny staines 17:41 05 May 2007

look at the money saved by moving call centers to india and factory's to chia.

  Kate B 17:52 05 May 2007

I hope so.

  The Brigadier 18:00 05 May 2007

I know 'Out Sourcing' is the buzz word at the moment for big business, but this would never work.
May be it will be the goverments last fanfare before a general election, sure to be a bullet in the head for Labour!

  Phphred 18:17 05 May 2007

Well we used to send them to Australia why not India?

  Phphred 18:21 05 May 2007

Sorry pj123.. Here Here!!

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