HM Customs and imported gifts

  onthelimit1 15:47 17 Dec 2012

I realise that we need to be careful what is imported into this country, but was a little surprised when a package containing presents from my daughter in Oz was not only opened, but the wrapping on every gift was slit open. Oh, and some of the labels had come off as well.

I would have though an X-Ray scan would be sufficient for this sort of thing?

  onthelimit1 17:34 17 Dec 2012

Yes - a fair description (without giving away what the actual gift was), and a reasonable estimate of the value. Only things like clothes, toys, costume jewellery - that sort of thing. Just felt a bit violated really!

  Forum Editor 17:53 17 Dec 2012

I get a fair number of packages from Australia - mainly documents and data CDs - and have found that a few of them that haven't come via Fedex have been opened by Customs officers over the years. I'm told it is simply random checking, and to be honest I find it quite reassuring.

  onthelimit1 19:18 17 Dec 2012

Just something we have to accept, I suppose.

  [DELETED] 19:50 17 Dec 2012

onthelimit1. While they are opening yours they are leaving other people's alone. I think you have just been unlucky. I can remember in the fifties they opened nearly every parcel I sent home to my wife. They also opened a Parker 51 pen which I had bought years before and had sent to Canada for repair. I think it was still under guarantee. HM Customs wanted to charge me on it, thinking I had just bought it. Luckily I was able to post them copies of the receipts and guarantee.

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