Hilton's jail term halved..!!!!!

  royalflush 10:31 17 May 2007

Ok i know another member started a thread last week but i couldnt find it,heres the latest,Paris Hilton is to serve only HALF of her jail sentance & thats in a "special needs housing" where they are away from the other inmates..?
so do celebrity's think they should serve LESS than joe blogs for comiting the same crime..?

are they a better person due to there status...? i think its wrong shes done wrong & what should be served to you & i should be served to them (Celebrity's) no if's or but's

why did she have her sentance cut...cause the judge said shes had good behaviour..!!

shes comited a nasty crime where people get killed all the time "alcohol-related reckless driving" she should serve the time as she knew what she was doing SIMPLE.

she should be more mature & responsible

  royalflush 10:31 17 May 2007

forgot the link sorry

click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:49 17 May 2007

Quite simply, money talks.


  georgemac © 11:04 17 May 2007

Gandalf is right - and it is very wrong that this is true, but you tend to find the wealthy and powerful (not all) think they should have a different set of rules to us mere mortals

  spuds 19:00 17 May 2007

Paris Hilton and her supporters have made it quite clear that she will be 'targeted' by all sorts of unmentionables, and not only that the conditions she will have to face would be something out of Bangkok Hilton.

I wish people would give this poor defenceless and totally misunderstood girl a break ;o)

  Totally-braindead 19:18 17 May 2007

Yeah a broken arm would really teach her a lesson, good idea spuds.

  namtas 19:22 17 May 2007

Quite simply, money talks. maybe it has, but in the absence of firm evidence not an open defamation that I would make.

  ulrich 19:47 17 May 2007

I for one do not care, it's all a big joke.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:07 17 May 2007

Therein lies the difference between us but thanks for pointing it out in case I was to lose sleep.

So you think someone from a poor background would be put in special needs housing and have their paltry jail sentence cut in half? This was not the first time that she had been in trouble. Money talks especially if you have been done for a motoring offence and you can afford a solicitor who charges £15000 and has a remarkable. nay miraculous, record for getting the convictions of many footballers quashed. Surely a coincidence.


  Forum Editor 20:07 17 May 2007

why everyone's so interested in this case. There's nothing that special about paris Hilton, or her conviction - it happens all the time.

  Belatucadrus 20:34 17 May 2007

"jail chiefs gave her credit for good behaviour."

I'll bet they didn't give credit unless she used American Express, cash up front I expect.

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