The Highway's Agency

  crosstrainer 08:18 10 Feb 2009

Overheard on Radio 5 a few moments ago:

"....The Highways Agency are advising people who see a hole in the road to inform them, so that they can go and look into it"

I can just see it:

Fred "Yep, that's a hole all right"

Bert " I've seen bigger"

Etc :))

  wiz-king 08:27 10 Feb 2009

Thing is -- most holes are the property of local councils!

  Quickbeam 08:37 10 Feb 2009

There's four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire...

  crosstrainer 08:40 10 Feb 2009

And they will have to "Look into" them all :))

  Brumas 09:10 10 Feb 2009

I've known roads which were just a series of "pot-holes linked together with strips of tarmac". Would the inspector therefore develop repetitive strain injury through the process and end up suing the council ? :o))

  namtas 09:20 10 Feb 2009

In this instance, taken out of context it does read humerous, and I realise the comment was made tongue in cheek, joking aside who else would you report the problem too?

The Highway agency was created on 30 March 1994.
It has responsibility for operating the strategic road network in England which consists of most of our motorways and also the important A roads, around 6,500 miles. Most lower grade roads are remain the responsibility of local authorities.

  carver 09:26 10 Feb 2009

Best part, if it was a comedy show nobody would believe it.

In Sheffield we have someone to inspect the holes, he then paints a yellow line round the hole, goes back to depot to inform the team responsible for filling in the holes where they are.

It then takes 3 people to come out in their flatbed to fill in the holes on their list, if another hole has appeared near the painted one they are not allowed to fill it in because it's not got a yellow line round it.

This is a shortened version of events,

They are not allowed to report the hole as being there, that is up to a member of the public in case it looks as though they are creating work for themselves, you have to phone the department of works who will then send an engineer out to see if it meets the requirements to be filled in.

I had this discussion when they came to fill in some holes on our road, and I walked away in disbelief.

  oresome 09:32 10 Feb 2009

About three years ago, just before a local election, we had a questionaire sent from one of the partys asking us to highlight any local potholes that needed attending to.

A man duly came round and threw a shovelful of tarmac in some of those mentioned by the residents. No preparation of the hole to get back to solid edges or anything like a proper job made.

And that's been it. The winter ice has taken it's toll since and we'll now have to wait for another local election for the next shovelful to arrive.

  Marko797 09:32 10 Feb 2009

that's probably the council for you, and not the HA. Council's are a bit of a different animal.

The reporting of any road defect to the HA, by the public, is via their facility called HAIL - Highways Agency Information Line.

  caccy 09:46 10 Feb 2009

You are lucky, here in North Hertfordshire the yellow paint IS the repair! At least we can then see the holes.

  carver 10:06 10 Feb 2009

In which case we are lucky, if it hasn't been painted we can't see the hole.

I wonder where they bought all the yellow paint from.

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