Highest Unemployment for 18 years

  birdface 20:46 10 Oct 2011

Heard on the News today that unemployment is at its highest level for 18 years.

If I remember right the Tory's were in government at the time just wondered if this is History repeating itself again.

Now what really gets me is it is only the tip of the iceberg and we can expect another One or Two Million to join the Dole queue's in the not to distant future.

I always try to look on the bright side but all I can see is doom and gloom at the moment.

For those of us that have seen this happening before I am sure we don't want to see it again.

Industry has deserted us at an alarming rate no longer can we go into clothes sops shoe shops electrical shops and all of the rest of the shops and find one the best signs on everything. Made in the UK.

We Exported most of our goods then but now we Import more than we make.

And just think of all the jobs that have been lost because of it.

It is a long time and will be an even longer time since the then Prime Minister said We have never had it So good. [Harold MacMillan]

I wonder if any other prime minister will ever be able to say the same thing.

  Condom 00:39 11 Oct 2011

Well I sincerely hope the PM adds one more to the dole queue tomorrow although I suppose he will still retain his position as an MP.

  Chegs ®™ 05:09 11 Oct 2011

But dont forget "We're all in this together"

From the mouths of millionaires!

  birdface 09:57 11 Oct 2011

Looks like Greece is likely to renege on it's payments this Friday so can see the Stockmarkets going haywire again. So more bad news.

So far the PM has held out a few carrots for us.

Weekly bin collections and more apprenticeships to help get the young into jobs. I am sure that will keep the unemployment down.

Maybe he has done more but that is the only 2 that I can remember.

There is supposed to be 3p getting added to a Litre of fuel in January lets see if he cancels that but I doubt it.

Doing away with bus passes for pensioners will be next on line cheap pensioners fairs on national Express have been stopped or are being stopped this month.

So maybe the buses will now be running from London to Scotland with a lot of empty seats when they could be getting additional revenue by giving pensioners a reduced rate.

I just wonder if it will get as bad as it was under Margaret Thatcher with mass unemployment and interest rates running at 15%.

I also agree with Condom and Chegs ®™ comments above but that is for the PM to sort out.

We have Power companies making massive profits by overcharging their customers and very little is done about it.

We also have supermarkets overcharging as well and they wonder why their profits are down, maybe someone should tell them we can get our food cheaper in other places. So if other stores can sell things cheaper why cant the big named Supermarkets do the same.

As we know the old saying it will get worse before it gets better just how much worse can it get.

Now just something else that I seen on the news.Mothers or fathers can get up to £250 a week towards child care so that they can still go out to work.

Now maybe my maths are not that great but surely they would be better giving the parents this money to stay at home and watch their own children.

Now I did not catch whether this amount was for all of their children or just one.

  BRYNIT 10:41 11 Oct 2011


Unemployment will continue to rise as the country allows more people in and small and large companies going under due to increasing costs.

It does not matter who is in power the damage has already been done, not so much by the Government but by the greed of others.

All Large retailers overcharge. I doubt you will find a week without some kind of promotion.

Large food retailers have increase prices to allow for continuous promotions i.e half price or BOGOF sale.

Large furniture retailers started it off with Half price bed many years ago it's now upto 75% off with further reductions at the end of the sale.

Gone are the days when the prices were reasonable and the sale prices had discounts of upto 20%. Its just a continuous promotion throughout the year.

  Woolwell 11:15 11 Oct 2011

"I always try to look on the bright side but all I can see is doom and gloom at the moment." Not much bright side in your posts.

Weekly bin collections (if they happen - most councils in my area regard this as a non-starter) will not increase employment as the same bin men will continue to collect.

Subsidised bus passes are paid for by tax payers. I can justify local buses but going on holiday by coach at reduced rates is much harder to justify. The additional revenue for coach companies will come from tax payers.

IMO the likes of Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrison and Asda have a very good understanding of economics and pricing strategies. They have to make a profit and compete. Their profits in UK are down because customers are spending less and buying more of the cheaper value items.

Childcare was covered in another thread and is a complex subject. It is often not possible for parents to stay at home but have to earn to pay the bills.

Article on unemployment Unemployment

  birdface 11:37 11 Oct 2011


On this occasion it was not the Governments fault it was the Banks fault.

But putting VAT up to 20% has not helped.People wanting to spend their money on new furniture washing machines etc are keeping their money in their pockets and waiting for the VAT or prices to come down before they buy.

That in turn affects sales and when shops and factory's can no longer sell their goods they go out of business.

We are all watching what we spend now and how we spend it.Instead of going to the one Supermarket we are going to two or three as they all have special deals on certain things.

The shops and factory's struggling now will probably be shutting before or after the new year when sales tumble.

I just wonder if the minimum wage will get scrapped,Well I suppose it already has by starting the new apprentice scheme, I do believe the wage for that is only £2,50 or below an hour.

With everyone struggling at the moment I wonder what is going to happen when they put the Interest Rates up and that would be the last straw for some House Owners.

It is all doom and gloom at the moment with no light at the end of the tunnel

  birdface 12:03 11 Oct 2011


[Not much bright side in your posts.]

There is no bright side at the moment.

It is going to take a few years for things to get that little bit better and maybe even not in that Governments remaining years.

This will probably not affect those with good jobs or with a couple of jobs just now but will affect them badly when there work closes or they get redundancy notices.

It affects mostly the poor/disabled/unemployed and those on low wages.

There is no light at the end of the tunnel and it is up to this Government to at least install a bit of hope which they are failing to do.

Maybe someone can tell me all the good things this Government has done for us since they took control. Obviously they did take control at a bad time but I think maybe they have got things wrong or could have done things differently.

Maybe they have done some good things and I just cannot remember any of them.

What gets me is they have no money to spend but they can still go out and spend Billions on conflicts that have nothing to do with us.

  Forum Editor 17:32 11 Oct 2011

"Industry has deserted us at an alarming rate no longer can we go into clothes sops shoe shops electrical shops and all of the rest of the shops and find one the best signs on everything. Made in the UK."

There's a reason for that, and it isn't because 'Industry has deserted us at an alarming rate'. It's because manufacturers in other countries can make the things that we want at a lower price than British manufacturers, and often they can make them better.

'Quality' cars like Mercedes and BMWs are in demand because there isn't a British equivalent - we wrecked our own car manufacturing industry years ago when we allowed a few militant union leaders to play out their political aspirations using real people. Company managers saw their industrial relationship with their workers deteriorate to the point where they couldn't have a meeting with anyone unless a shop steward was present.

Industry didn't desert us - we deserted industry.

We still manufacture lots of things in any case - our manufacturing capability isn't the cause of our current problems, we are. Instead of moaning about it, and trying to find scapegoats, we should be concentrating on the fact that we have to dig ourselves out of the hole that we got ourselves into, and that isn't going to happen if we persist in this silly habit of saying that everything is the government's fault. We're all to blame, and the sooner we realise it, and stop whining that the world owes us all a living the better.

  badgery 18:25 11 Oct 2011


"dig ourselves out of the hole that we got ourselves into

this silly habit of saying that everything is the government's fault.

We're all to blame"

If the 'average' person had ANY say in these matters then I might just agree with those statements - but , in reality, we just try to get through life as best we can, working, bringing up families, and paying our taxes.

The major decisions about economics are made by the governments (and their bedfellows, the bankers) and the world is in the present mess because of THEM - not us. So I find it a bit galling for you to blame us all for the predicament we're in - and if this is a 'whine', then so be it.

  birdface 18:41 11 Oct 2011

Forum Editor

[We are all to Blame]

And here me thinking that it was the banks that were to blame.

I have done nothing wrong so why should I be classed as we.

Middle Class families are going to be £2.000 a week worse off by this time next year according to the news tonight.

I think we are all going to be a lot worse off but I suppose some on extremely high wages will notice no difference.

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