High prices in Greece

  anchor 12:18 22 Sep 2010

We read earlier this year of the severe financial problems in Greece.

I have just returned from Crete and was amazed to see how prices of many things have risen dramatically, when compared to last summer.

For example, a litre of unleaded petrol for our rental car, cost about 1.63€; a small cup of coffee in a normal little café costs 2.5€; if you choose a bottle of wine in a average taverna you will pay about 16€. I assume that on the Greek mainland it will be similar. I feel this is going to affect tourism in the future.

Prices at the airport were horrendous; 12€ for 2 small coffees in a plastic cup, and 2 very small bounty bars.

(Current exchange rate is £1 = 1.133€)

  Seth Haniel 12:48 22 Sep 2010

airports have always been a rip-off price wise for food and drink - I always take pre-prepared food for the wait/flight :)

  john bunyan 12:54 22 Sep 2010

I have noticed a similar rise in Ireland and Netherlands since the switch from the punt & guilder to the Euro. The locals say the same. Not sure why this should be so much.

  anchor 14:05 22 Sep 2010

john bunyan: these latest increases had nothing to do with the change from the Drachma to the Euro which happened about 8 years ago. The recent price rises are put down their financial crisis this year, and subsequent government action.

Seth Haniel: Yes, I agree that food/drink prices at all airports are a rip-off. Like you, we avoid paying them as much as possible, but Crete was worse than most. All we bought this time was a 750ml bottle of water costing 2€, (I was paying 23cents for 1.5litre in a local supermarket). As you know you cannot take water through security.

  ella33 22:57 23 Sep 2010

Greece was always one of the cheapest places. As you say the price rises are most likely caused by the problems with their economy. It is wicked about water though, as you cannot drink local water, or take it with you.

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