The Hidden Dangers of Documents

  Pesala 14:44 18 Sep 2005

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Do you know what information you're sending to others when you send them an attachment?

  €dstowe 14:55 18 Sep 2005

This isn't new but it is often ignored - to the downfall of a number of notorious people.

I have been aware of this and so I always send my work documents as PDF files and have done for many years ever since, in fact, that I found low cost non-Adobe software (Jaws PDF) to enable me to do it. Nowadays, PDF software abounds in paid for and free versions and I urge everyone to send documents in this format or printed on paper.

  €dstowe 14:57 18 Sep 2005

I should have added that I now us Open Office for most documents - this has the advantage of having its own PDF writer.

  VoG II 15:28 18 Sep 2005

Yes, open a Word document in Notepad and you'll be amazed.

In Excel you don't even have to save the file for your name to be embedded click here

Like €dstowe all my work documents are distributed as PDFs.

  bremner 16:55 18 Sep 2005

For Office 2003 click here

  Ancient Learner 17:07 18 Sep 2005

The wonders of Microsoft never cease to amaze me. Perhaps other word processing software is the same?

Luckily I've never had a need to use something like that. I use a .txt document. Wonder if that is as prone to this.

  Pesala 17:21 18 Sep 2005

I recently learnt about this.

Open a Page Plus document from someone else. Check the File, Properties, Author's name.

Save the program's defaults.

Start a new document. Check the author's name in File, Properties. All new documents you create will have the other author's name as the author. If published to PDF the author's name is still shown.

Not exactly dangerous, but worth knowing about.

  Forum Editor 22:55 18 Sep 2005

of 99.9% of Word documents would make most people fall asleep with boredom. I couldn't care less if recipients see who worked on my Word files, and neither could nine tenths of the planet. It's only on rare occasions that this information turns out to be revealing, and then only because someone has something to hide.

It's all a big yawn, and has been common knowledge since Office 97 was released.

I shall continue to send Word files, as I've always done. There are far more important things to do than worry about this kind of thing.

  VoG II 23:08 18 Sep 2005

It is the 0.1% of documents where somebody has added a comment that the Managing Director (or worse, the client) is a fat sloth that can cause problems.

But even if that isn't the case I don't really want my clients to see a revision history with comments that were meant to be 'internal'.

It isn't life threatening but I disagree - it is not common knowledge.

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