Hi Guys, what do you think to this

  oresome 18:13 01 Aug 2018

....as an informal address?

My wife certainly doesn't like it when we are out as a couple and anyone trying to sell us something will have an uphill struggle from that point on and to be honest I'm not keen on it either.

The Oxford Dictionary has the following definition for guys: “People of either sex: ‘You guys want some coffee?’” OK, but it also defines the word guy as “a man”, so it could be argued that using guys as a gender-neutral address subconsciously reinforces society’s male-as-default paradigm.

  Quickbeam 18:23 01 Aug 2018

Listen up people, it's really not important, we're in the 21st century...

I've heard 'Guys' used as a casual unisex address since the '70s, it's not new.

  Aitchbee 18:37 01 Aug 2018

It's a deliberate/subconscious shortening of Guys 'n' Gals which a certain creepy DJ used but nobody would dare to use nowadays.

  bumpkin 19:12 01 Aug 2018

What's it matter anyway, it is not meant to be offensive or sexist or those wishing to sell would use a different approach.

  lotvic 19:18 01 Aug 2018

If you don't like it, you could always tell them to Fawkes off.

  Forum Editor 20:34 01 Aug 2018

It doesn't worry me. I certainly wouldn't say that anyone trying to sell me something would have an uphill struggle after saying it.

  HondaMan 21:31 01 Aug 2018


Certainly offends my wife and she will tell the offender that she does not like it

  Old Deuteronomy 21:47 01 Aug 2018

Anyone making an unsolicited attempt to sell me something will have a very uphill struggle, whatever their method of address.

  john bunyan 22:15 01 Aug 2018

A new musical : “Guys and Guys”

  wee eddie 22:52 01 Aug 2018

Many Sports Coachs with mixted groups use the term "Guys"

  exdragon 23:18 01 Aug 2018

Infuriates me, especially from someone young enough to be my grandson.

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