Hewlett Packard to cease PC production

  Al94 21:13 18 Aug 2011

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-14582489 HP printers will be missed if production ends as well.

  interzone55 21:54 18 Aug 2011

This is an interesting case if the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, because also today HP confirmed the release of a 64gb version of their not wildly well receive touchpad tablet http://www.reghardware.com/2011/08/18/hptouchpad64gb_white/

The press release mentioned the discontinuation (lovely Americanism that one, why not cease or stop) of their WebOS products (phones, PDAs & Tablets), there was no mention of stopping PC production, just that they are considering spinning the PC division off.

I can't see them moving out of the printer market, as it's a very big part of their revenue

  daz60 21:59 18 Aug 2011

Maybe the purchase of Palm has stung them in the tail.I think they make decent hardware,my HP is the best i have had.

Contrast with this news on same page.

China is still in expansionary mode with Lenovo going for Medion.So one country is able to take advantage of the economic turn.

link text

  Strawballs 23:11 18 Aug 2011

I work for a multi national and as far as I know all our computers are HP so that could cost them if they have to change them all ouch

  morddwyd 08:40 19 Aug 2011

I have said several times on these forums that HP's hardware is good but their software is rubbish.

I guess that's why I'm not a multi-national executive!

  HondaMan 09:13 19 Aug 2011


Why would they chasnge them? Surely the simple way is to replace themn as they fail

  interzone55 09:53 19 Aug 2011


Don't know about your company, but I work for a fairly large multinational and all our computers are leased, so after three years they're securely wiped and sent back to Dell.

Means I have a shiny new laptop every three years, which is nice.

To be honest though, PC sales probably make up a tiny amount of HPs profits, the big money is in software licencing and servers / mainframes. HP built 155 of the top 500 most powerful supercomputers, this figure is beaten only by IBM with 212


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