Hes guilty did he get the punishment he deserves

  ronalddonald 16:43 29 Jul 2010

click here

what do you think

  ronalddonald 16:44 29 Jul 2010

i thinks he should of got life in prisonment

  jakimo 17:05 29 Jul 2010

"Should have got life"

He's 67 and got 35 years...how long do you think hes going to live then

  Forum Editor 18:37 29 Jul 2010

He did, as jakimo says.

"He had admitted his role in the killings and torture of thousands of men, women and children at the prison, but said he was following orders and had asked the court to acquit him."

That old 'just following orders' excuse again.

  zzzz999 18:51 29 Jul 2010

given the time he has been in prison its effectively 19 further years he must serve

  Forum Editor 19:03 29 Jul 2010

He'll be 86 when that time is up, and if he's still alive then he'll not have much time left, I imagine.

In addition, I very much doubt that his life in a Cambodian prison is going to be much of a holiday, to put it mildly.

  Covergirl 19:07 29 Jul 2010

. . . . the old Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi get out clause / excuse . . . .

  daytimers82 15:30 30 Jul 2010

I will never forget the Killing Fields and Dear Hunter

  daytimers82 15:32 30 Jul 2010

ethnic cleansing that's what pol pot and the kymer rouge called it i think

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