Heroes of Helmand

  Z1100 11:28 17 Jan 2007

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I won't write anything about the links I will let you read and comment about what you see.

For me, as an ex-soldier it makes me weep, it makes me proud, and it makes me a little bit more humble.


  rezeeg 11:59 17 Jan 2007

Brave men.

  Bingalau 18:27 17 Jan 2007

As an ex- Royal Marine myself, I know how these men and of course the men of the Parachute Regiment feel. They are the finest trained men in the world, and are killing not the occasional taliban fighter, but hundreds of them. However, they need more support from our government to succeeed in their task of ousting them altogether. They will give their all, but without the necessary fire support from the RAF and Royal Artillery it may not be enough. Why is this fort still standing? What happened to precision bombing? Why wasn't it softened up before the attack on it? Where are all the aircraft? Why has the strength of our armed forces been allowed to shrink so much? Now the little force we have is being sapped by being overstretched. Oh yes! Where are all the other NATO forces? Italy; France; Germany etc.?. Why are they not forced to do their bit? Tony Blair, get your finger out and get things moving...... ..Bingalau..

  The Brigadier 19:13 17 Jan 2007

To win The VC or GC takes someone very special indeed.
Good to see Red & Green getting on.

Did you know that when in uniform any holder of the VC has to be saluted by anyone else in uniform up to and including 4 star Generals. Last time this happened was with Private Johnson Beharry VC had General Sir Mike Jackson.

Also 25 years on don't forget click here

  The Brigadier 19:14 17 Jan 2007

Sorry the link should be click here
When the Red & Green became a life saving machine!

  anskyber 19:20 17 Jan 2007

We have had a number of these, "lets remember the boys" or "isn't our armed forces wonderful" threads of late.

To be honest it leaves me a bit cold. The last time I looked forces are paid to do the job and the hazards are well known before enlisting.

The story of this rescue (albeit of the dead serviceman) is something else. Remarkable, not needed, stirring and exceptional in it's bravery.

This time, I say very well done indeed.

  Bingalau 19:42 17 Jan 2007

anskyber. Maybe if you had close relatives fighting in this country's forces, for an unworthy cause, it wouldn't leave you cold. It may leave you hot with anger instead by the way people like you fail to back them up. We all know that our forces shouldn't be there in the first place. But that's how it has panned out and maybe if you and people who think like you, had spoken up a bit more forcibly before they went out to represent you, they might not be there now. By the way it's you that pays them the pittance that they do it for. It's not enough, so the least you can do is get behind them in other ways. The more post along these lines there are the better. By the way who are the "WE" who have had enough of these threads? ..Bingalau..

  Bingalau 19:44 17 Jan 2007

The Brigadier. Nice to have you back... I thought you were in Afghanistan. ..Bingalau..

  microcoder 19:53 17 Jan 2007

Some of that old boys' barrack talk does seem a touch comical and surreal.

I doubt that we would consider an all powerful foreign force on our shores as heroes. Especially when the invitations were fake.

Still,I will always support our armies (I think!).

  anskyber 20:04 17 Jan 2007

The worthiness of the cause is not for those who are paid to fight to question. Like it or hate it the armed forces go where they are told to go and are paid to do so.

It's not the lack of appreciation on my part, it's more the saccharin of the way things are presented that some how we should be forever in debt to those who choose to do what they do and take the money.

Yes. I know about the armed forces, my Dad served in the Fleet Air Arm and my young life was centred around service life. I do not need a lecture on patriotism. Perhaps those that do continually wave the flag might consider the implications of blind support.

I repeat what I said before,

"This time, I say very well done indeed"

The action of those service personnel I admire and take my hat off. Well done.

  Bingalau 20:08 17 Jan 2007

Most of us old boys live in the real world. There's nothing comical about carrying out orders of civilians who don't know what day it is. We agree we should not be in the countries of other nations. But our forces go at the behest of our civilians. That's what they are paid to do. What I am getting at is. It is you who send them where they go. They go because your government sent them. They can't pick and choose for themselves. ..Bingalau..

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