Here's an interesting fact

  Forum Editor 17:42 20 Feb 2011

that surprised me.

Royal Mail throws away £3200 worth of rubber bands every day; at least it has over the past five years.

Now I know that sum pales into insignificance when compared to the kind of waste that goes on elsewhere, but it makes you wonder if it's really necessary for these bands to be thrown away by the people who deliver letters. Couldn't they just keep them, and take them back to base?

  Colin 17:47 20 Feb 2011

FE - do you have a link to the article/information?

  Noels 17:48 20 Feb 2011

I,ve got quite a collection if they want them back. They are good quality ( once used ) and all red

  Strawballs 17:50 20 Feb 2011

I remember following the postmans route round our way to make elastic band balls

  Strawballs 17:53 20 Feb 2011

If they saved them and took them back how many people who work in rubber band factories would be out of a job?

But if they are imported it won't matter recycle them.

  Woolwell 17:56 20 Feb 2011

Telegraph report click here

  peter99co 18:06 20 Feb 2011

My mate collected them at the factory gatehouse where he worked and people would bring him them when they realized he collected them. He made a big red rubber ball that weighed 5 kilo in no time....

  alB 18:08 20 Feb 2011

I think I must have about fifty quids worth on my front garden, apparently they are biodegradable and are not for repeat use (according to our postie) ...alB

  QuizMan 22:53 20 Feb 2011

alB - sounds like a lame excuse. How can they not be for repeat use?

  rickf 23:01 20 Feb 2011

Actually, I collect them and re-use them all the time. It's just sheer criminal waste. This issue arose quite some time, a few years ago but the PO just ignored the problem.

  Forum Editor 23:18 20 Feb 2011

"..they are biodegradable and are not for repeat use (according to our postie)"

Maybe your postie should think again. According to a Royal Mail spokesperson ""The vast majority of rubber bands are re-used by our people in delivery offices and mail centres across the UK."

If that's true I wonder how many they need - they're spending £1million a year on the things. In any case, why do they need them at all - what did postal delivery people do before these bands came on the scene?

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