Here's an advert that has aggravated many

  Cymro. 10:53 13 Jun 2010

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Yes I do know that adverts are what pays for such things but just imagine how some football fans feel about this.

Personally as someone who does not follow football it does not bother me. Where you one of those who missed the vital goal?

  bremner 10:58 13 Jun 2010

ITV has shown over the years that it is ill equipped to provide a quality sporting service.

Its current World Cup presentation, even after a few days, is streets behind the BBC in terms of its commentators, summarisors and in studio people.

I will watch ITV because as an England supporter and football fan I am not yet given a choice. As soon as a choice is avaialble it will always be BBC.

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:15 13 Jun 2010

Fortunately, as I find football as interesting as watching lichen grow, I was unaffected by ITV's incompetence.

  Quickbeam 12:04 13 Jun 2010

Is this new? I've always seen football and rugby as 100% play coverage sports as far as TV is concerned.

On the other hand cricket had loads of time to slip in quick ads, all you're likely to miss is the red bus passing the ground on the way to Radcliffe.

  bremner 12:08 13 Jun 2010

SKY & ITV has always shown football as 100% coverage with ads before the match, at half time and after.

However ITV has now twice in 12 monts or so thrown the wrong switch and transmitted an ad during a game. On both occasions a goal was scored.

ITV's F1 coverage was different in that they took ad breaks. The coverage was seriously compromised on many occasions as a result.

  IClaudio 12:41 13 Jun 2010

I could never understand why ITV didn't just back the video up a couple of minutes for the transmission...

  bremner 12:52 13 Jun 2010

I agree

  spuds 15:35 13 Jun 2010

Its alway a transmission or rescheduling problem nowadays. Over the past few months, it seems as though the BBC and ITV have been causing disruptions to programmes, and aggravating the general public.

  morddwyd 19:05 13 Jun 2010

The opposite for me.

I was watching the tennis yesterday (yes, I know, but each to their own) and during a break between games we went to the football.

Now while I didn't actually miss any action, what is happening on court between games is often very relevant to the the following action.

  Simsy 21:33 13 Jun 2010

because of it... but it wasn't an advert. It was swuitched to some kind of schedule, and showed the score of the earlier Argentina game.

It spoilt the moment!



  JYPX 23:14 13 Jun 2010

Hmmm.....I see what Simsy is getting at. During the glitch the caption at the top of the screen says Bra 1 Arg 1 - exactly when did such a game take place? How would a transmission glitch lead to such a random bit of footage appearing on the screen. Is it possible that ITV are not telling the truth?
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