Here is a Brexit breather. Your opinions please.

  rickf 20:29 21 Jan 2019

My slate tile roof has no membrane underneath it typical of a house of the period./ The loft is always very dusty as a result. I want to put up a breathable membrane to minimize dust coming in. Is it ok to just staple the membrane on to the underside of the joists. I am sure I have seen this in some houses before. It's the cheap option of course. The correct way would involve removing all the tile and lay the membrane on top and relaying the tiles. This would cost a tidy sum which I am trying to avoid. Your opinions or personal experience of the way I am suggesting would be much appreciated.

  john bunyan 20:57 21 Jan 2019

If the roof is dry, I would fix insulation between the rafters. Putting a breathable membrane not by lifting the slates could well direct any leaks to a place that you don’t want. That insulation with each side covered can be cut to size and should stop dust and drafts. As you know, the best solution is to lift the slates and install the breathable waterproof membrane under them

  wee eddie 23:33 21 Jan 2019

A Staple Gun and some rolls of insulation stuff. Running horizontally, starting at the top

  Quickbeam 06:21 22 Jan 2019

I'm with JB's option. It's much easier and tidier to do.

  oresome 08:45 22 Jan 2019

Until such time as the property is reroofed I'd be inclined to leave well alone.

You've scores of dust in there now so another few years won't make much difference. Just well wrap anything you store up there.

  rickf 10:35 22 Jan 2019

Thanks for all the input so far. Went up yesterday to have a good look and noticed a few tiles have been displaced so some leaking. Considering having the hard option of getting it overhauled or repaired first as the case maybe. Roofers coming to have a look and I'll take it on from there.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:10 22 Jan 2019

I used this stuff in my shed. I don't think it offers a huge amount of insulation but, it is easy to put up with a staple gun, should keep much of the dust out and is highly reflective so it will improve the light, which works well in my shed.

  Old Deuteronomy 12:11 22 Jan 2019

Edit, I note the price has gone up around a third since I bought it last year.

  oresome 14:54 22 Jan 2019

Just to amplify the care that's needed when making changes to the ventilation in a loft space, we purchased a one year old house in the 80s.

When I went in the loft the first week in, the roof trusses already had black mould developing on them. (The feed and expansion tank is in the loft and is lidded and insulated but I expect it was contributing to the moisture content)

The builders came back and fitted a ventilated ridge tile and cut away some of the roofing felt under it. We've never had a problem since.

  rickf 16:23 22 Jan 2019

All contributions noted , thank you.

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