On her last legs or not, Mrs May?

  rickf 17:48 10 Dec 2018

Having postponed the vote for fear of losing by a big margin will she now: 1) Consider her position and resign gracefully? 2) Will this now herald in a leadership challenge? 3) Will she give in to the ever increasing demand for a people's vote? Interesting but troubling times ahead for the country.

  Quickbeam 17:55 10 Dec 2018

None of the above and carry on regardless!

  Quickbeam 17:59 10 Dec 2018

It's thought that should the 48 letters force a party vote she will win because the party doesn't believe that anyone else can do anything much different, therefore they would soon be gone themselves. So they might as well let her cook some more in the slow cooker until a challenger believes that they will be in the top job for more than a month.

  wee eddie 18:04 10 Dec 2018

She's a tough cookie and seems to want to carry on.

  Quickbeam 18:26 10 Dec 2018

More hard tack I'd say.

Extremely resistant to adverse conditions, whilst remaining in an unchanged original condition for an exceptionally long time, and just as hard to stomach after all that time!

  KEITH 1955 18:36 10 Dec 2018

When mrs thatcher was ousted it was done by the lets get her press and not joe public, the same could happen again !

  Quickbeam 18:43 10 Dec 2018

Apparently she's currently of two minds...

  csqwared 20:47 10 Dec 2018


Brilliant analogy ;-))

  csqwared 20:48 10 Dec 2018

ps - not the video - the hard tack.

  Quickbeam 06:50 11 Dec 2018

The Papers seem to be of the opinion that she's on her last chance.

To be honest they might as well have the vote, lose it, then let Parliament take control and collectively take us forward from this whole bloody cock up of Brexit.

No one person, May or her successor, or no one party, Tory or a successor, is capable of taking us any further than where we are now within the constraints of party politics.

It's time to step back from party politics and reform as a united Parliament. None of us will get all we want, and it looks like the only majority will be to reject a walk away no deal.

So if we accept that we're leaving, and we accept that we're not going without an orderly exit, then we have to accept that we're all going to have to swallow some form of bitter pill.

  Forum Editor 09:38 11 Dec 2018


"It's time to step back from party politics and reform as a united Parliament."

That'll be the day, although I agree with you when you say "...we have to accept that we're all going to have to swallow some form of bitter pill."

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