Henry Cooper

  Strawballs 21:16 01 May 2011

Our Enry has died aged 76, such a shame a true gentleman. Click Here

  rdave13 21:42 01 May 2011

"Never won a world title". He was knighted;though. The only one who hurt the "best".

  Strawballs 21:57 01 May 2011

They cut Clays glove between the rounds so he had to have it changed giving him more time because Cooper had him rattled!!!

  birdface 22:29 01 May 2011

He had some left hook on him. Just a pity he was prone to cuts.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:32 01 May 2011

A finer purveyer of gentlemens 'smellies' I have yet to see.

A gent.


  Forum Editor 22:33 01 May 2011

He was an object lesson in sportsmanship.

  DippyGirl 00:39 02 May 2011

Totally agree with all that has been said (and I bet he walked on the outside of the pavement!) But this is when sport was a sport and the participants had some conviction and credibility.

Now sport (mostly) is a business - sad loss for all but the shareholders.

  Belatucadrus 01:05 02 May 2011

I watched the replay of the Bugner fight a few years ago, I'll admit it was much closer than I remembered, but Enry still won it the only one who thought otherwise was the ref. I don't think "Prone to cuts" quite covers it, Henry Cooper splattered more claret over the ring than anybody else I can think of. Still time to put away the Ammer and rest in peace.

  oresome 11:21 02 May 2011

A true sportsman.

He will be remembered with affection.

  johndrew 11:34 02 May 2011

I met him many years ago at an open day at Perkins Diesels, Peterborough. A very nice, quietly spoken man, with the biggest hands I have ever shaken. Fortunately we had a photo taken together which I kept and now is scanned for posterity.

There are many I have met and few I remember as well.

  anchor 14:14 02 May 2011

I recall a long time ago he ran a Greengrocers shop in Wembley High Road on the corner of Ealing Road. He was always cheerful, and often acknowledged drivers, stopped at the traffic lights by his shop, and recognised him.

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