Helproom success

  kenzy 19:42 14 Feb 2005

I suppose that it is a result of this being a very successful and rewarding Forum that questions posted on the Helproom rattle on so quickly that they can get lost and unanswered in the volume . I can't be alone in scrolling through back pages , when time permits , to discover that I could have contributed to something but have missed it. Not sure if their is a solution, but possibly worth consideration?

  Pesala 21:31 14 Feb 2005

A good solution would be to add an option to sort posts by the number of replies. Not very likely to be implemented, but maybe not too hard to do.

  Pesala 21:33 14 Feb 2005
  gudgulf 22:33 14 Feb 2005

The answer to this is simple.....if you find a post when looking back a few pages that you have something to add to,do it.This will bump the post back to the front of the queue and (if the poster hasn't opted out) will notify him/her of a new reply to the post by email.

I agree a lot of things get passed over particularly during busy times of day, but it shouldn't deter you from adding to any post you wish to.

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