Helping Users to RESOLVE threads

  SillBill 22:22 14 Jan 2013

I am still of the opinion that there ought to be an indication on each Help Forum how to resolve threads by clicking on the GREY tick in the OP's thread. The vast majority of users who ask for help do not appear to have any idea how to close/resolve their query/problem.

  lotvic 22:39 14 Jan 2013

A lot don't bother to come back to do it anyway (they may have found the answer on another forum and just abandon thread on this forum and any others they've posted query on) .

Mostly those who want to tick their thread resolved will ask if they don't know how. You can always say in your posts how it is done so at least you will know that they know... but it is up to them if they do or not.

Not a big deal really, you get used to it. Fact of forum life - not just this forum.

  SillBill 22:43 14 Jan 2013


True, but still just a teeny bit annoying when you see all the white spaces on the left and have no idea if the query is still "live".

  SillBill 23:00 14 Jan 2013

I'll get my coat...

  Forum Editor 23:08 14 Jan 2013

When we first introduced the green tick - a good few years ago now, we used to send a monthly email to people, reminding them to tick their threads. It had limited success, and some people found it irritating, so we discontinued the practice.

Frankly it isn't a serious problem, and will be helped very shortly, when we provide a link to a new version of a guide to using the Forum. I've been writing it for some time, in my few spare moments,and it's almost ready.

  Quickbeam 23:12 14 Jan 2013

You have spare time on your hands?

  Al94 23:33 14 Jan 2013

A way to tick threads on the mobile site could be useful

  Forum Editor 23:36 14 Jan 2013


Over the past four months, yes - to a degree at any rate. I'm recovering from an accident that happened in September. It involved some pretty complicated surgery on a foot, and I've been unable to travel - six weeks in a cast, and another eight weeks or so in one of those air boots. I return to hospital on Thursday of this week for further surgery to remove the screws that have been holding everything together, and in a couple of weeks time I should be able to walk reasonably normally again.

I've worked mainly online in the meantime, but I've had some time to work on things that had been on the back burner - one of which is a new forum guide. With luck and a following wind it should be finished within a week.

Well, you did ask!

  canarieslover 15:45 15 Jan 2013

I had problems getting on the site at one point last year where it would not recognise my log-in. Since then I have not been able to tick any of my threads as resolved and wonder how many others are also in the same boat.

  wee eddie 17:14 15 Jan 2013

Canarieslover: Me neither

  wiz-king 17:56 15 Jan 2013

FE. Now you know why tree surgeons have so much safety gear -- and thick boots.

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