Helping out in the community!

  spuds 10:05 30 Oct 2014

Seems very quiet again in Speakers Corner, so here's a topic that might bring a little interest!.

We often hear about unemployment, and how people are desperate for a job, and apparently cannot find any work. Council's are often complaining about costs then reducing services that perhaps effects most of us, at some stage in our lives.

For example, simple jobs like cleaning up some of the area's we might live in, providing simple tasks for those in need, a little gardening perhaps or paint a fence, shed, graffiti wall etc.

This work could achieve quite a lot, and perhaps bring a community spirit back into our midst.

What's your views, suggestions and opinions?.

  carver 11:09 30 Oct 2014

All these jobs want doing so why not ask if you can help.

The problem with doing this is that in theory you would be stopping some one from doing these jobs as full time paid work, if you are on say disability and tried to help then most likely you would be classed as fit for work then your money is stopped.

Wouldn't it be great if long term unemployed were offered the chance to do this work with say a small bonus to be added to any benefit they received and no small print saying other benefits may be stopped.

  namtas 11:10 30 Oct 2014

Great idea and it could be made to be a viable community activity, but it will never come about if left open to volunteers so it would have to have a change of the rules and become a condition for getting welfare benefit, whereupon we enter the debate of who is fit to do the work and who is not, and that basically is the problem and always has been.

  namtas 11:23 30 Oct 2014

The problem with doing this is that in theory you would be stopping some one from doing these jobs as full time

That theory only applies if someone was going to be paid to do the work. Most neglected outstanding work is not done because it cannot be afforded.

  namtas 11:24 30 Oct 2014

It would be an even better deal if they were offered the job just to get the benefit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:46 30 Oct 2014

Community work done to qualify for benefit - thought that had been the aspiration of many a government including this one.

  spuds 12:16 30 Oct 2014

Perhaps looking at this from another viewpoint, and perhaps its a blinkered view by some who might not see it as their responsibility to help or even look to help their own communities.

I think that I have lost count the many times I have heard unions talk about community schemes that have taken paid employment from some people. Yet is it not true, that the benefits system is a type of paid venture. Then we have the excuse about Health and Safety, and how people cannot do work because of risk or supervision. The excuses can be endless.

Only recently on this forum, there was a thread about 'disabled' people,perhaps looking for work, and being treated as equal in the tasks provided, and that brought a number of varied comments. Some positive others negative, depending on views.

Coming back to the situation regarding benefits, and the present trials in some areas for a future nationwide implementation of the scheme being trialed. That particular scheme was shown in a documentary the other evening, and the general feeling was that the scheme was complicated, and this perhaps was shown, by people giving examples of trying to find information, yet those trained to provide the information didn't have the answers.

Using a local community scheme, either paid or voluntary might improve peoples respect for each other, or would it be doomed to failure, perhaps by the possibility of being bogged down by administration.

  carver 13:28 30 Oct 2014

If you want some one to work and do a job while on benefit then that person deserves to be paid the correct wage for the job, otherwise all you are doing is creating a pool of underpaid workers.

Is there anyone on this site who believes that some one should work for less than the minimum wage.

  spuds 14:48 30 Oct 2014

"Is there anyone on this site who believes that some one should work for less than the minimum wage."

Whose suggesting that, but at the same time there are a hell of a lot of people getting paid for doing absolutely nothing, because they think it is their rights to do so.

There is also the consideration of the person's skills, if they have any, and perhaps working, or helping in and for their own local community will in the end achieve something, even if its respect from others.

Surely if you see someone doing nothing, who perhaps constantly moans to everyone out of their inner circle about hardships, then the community might think more of that person, if they were seen to make some form of attempt to show their sincerity and willingness.

  bumpkin 19:01 31 Oct 2014

Helping out in the community I completely agree with for those choosing to do so but not some thing to be forced on the unwilling. I also unfortunately imagine that those that genuine and wishing to contribute will be hit with so many rules and regulations that they will give up. Sad times.

  Aitchbee 19:33 31 Oct 2014

I used to sweep up the leaves [and bag 'em] that had had fallen off of the eight trees that align the frontages of the flats where I live. now there's talk of cuttin' - 'em - down ... amongst some of my neighbours :o[

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