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  dagbladet 10:48 27 Nov 2006

Survive is probably too strong a word, I've no reason to believe that this forum is in any kind of trouble. Anyway having followed the recent and fairly short lived thread about adverts on the site. Am I to understand that merely by clicking on the advertisers banner, this will generate income for the magazine/website. Apologies if this is common knowledge to everyone, but I didn't realise that's how it worked. Going for a bit of clickery now then.

  facepaint 10:56 27 Nov 2006

You are implying that the owners IDG are a charity case! click here

  anskyber 10:57 27 Nov 2006

My dislike of ads is not unusual but I have in recent times encouraged people to do just as you have suggested.

My understanding is when we click on an advert the "click throughs" are counted. I am unclear whether revenue is in direct proportion to the click throughs or whether it number is used by advertisers to judge the success of the site in advertising terms.

The point you make is very important, this "free" service is a valuable resource and if all it takes is to click on one advert a day to keep it going then I for one will continue to do just that.

It takes no time at all to check an advert out and I give my personal assurance it is quite painless!

  rodriguez 11:20 27 Nov 2006

There's no need to worry about clicking the adverts on this site - they're not going to bring up a massive porn pop up or take you to an online casino. It just helps generate a bit more income for the site to keep it going.

  ed-0 11:41 27 Nov 2006

"Am I to understand that merely by clicking on the advertisers banner, this will generate income for the magazine/website."

In short, yes.

So a click a day can help the forums.

  johndrew 12:00 27 Nov 2006

PCA is part of a fairly substantial group click here and probably gets the vast majority of its advertising revenue from its publications.

The relatively (by comparison to the magazine revenue) small amount generated by people clicking on links within its sites is unlikely to cause either site expansion or demise. By comparison, the annoyance such adverts cause may deter people from using the site and providing their expertise.

I use Firefox with Adblock enabled to avoid the annoyance of pop-ups and other advertising on all sites. The web for me is not a place where I wish to have products I have no intention of buying thrust in front of my eyes obscuring that which I am reading or looking for. I see plenty of advertising in PCA (which I subscribe to) and in the press and on commercial TV.

And anyway, I feel certain IDG have the sites well covered as a tax deductable item.

  dagbladet 12:03 27 Nov 2006

Apologies, I had no intention of starting another thread on the rights or wrongs of pop-ups. I think my question has been answered, so i'll tick.

  anskyber 12:54 27 Nov 2006

This is a direct quote from the FE.

"It's not a question of boasting to advertisers about page impressions - we're ABC rated, which means ourt forum has been independently audited for traffic, and it's that information which is passed to potential advertisers.

It matters very much if you don't see ads, because they rely on click-throughs - the advertisers know how many people clicked on their ad, and of course if you don't see them you can't click on them......and we may not attract so much advertising as a result.

We need advertising to survive - I've said it so many times before. The site costs a fair bit to maintain, and if everyone took your advice we would soon be off the air. We're running a free resource here, admirably supported by those people who give freely of their time and offer help in the various forum areas. Advertising is essential to our survival, as you of all people should know."

  Forum Editor 15:33 27 Nov 2006

Your rather simplistic understanding of the economics behind sites like this is in need of an update. It will obviously surprise you to learn that we rely heavily on advertising revenue to keep this site going.

You probably didn't understand that groups of companies tend to want each self-accounting unit to stand on its own two feet - group revenues don't go into one big pot, so that some elements can coast along, surviving on the revenue generated by more profitable units. That's not how to achieve and sustain commercial viability at all.

You may not want products "thrust in front of my eyes obscuring that which I am reading or looking for" when you're on the web, but I'm afraid that if you think the internet is one great free resource, a place where you can roam all day long, finding useful and free information you're sadly out of touch with the trend. The internet is an increasingly commercial environment, and unless you inhabit the kind of sites which are crammed with photos of Kevin and Tracey's last holiday in Ibiza you had better get used to advertising.

  Forum Editor 15:34 27 Nov 2006

It doesn't look as if you have much understanding of how the commercial world works either.

  Al94 19:51 27 Nov 2006

I view intrusive pop ups in the same way that I view junk mail and telemarketing calls - pop up blockers are as efficient as mail and telephone preference services.

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