Help Wanted.

  Chronos the 2nd 08:38 23 Aug 2013

Banks mis-sold identity insurance.

Are you a shoplifter or burglar? Are you a metal thief? Are tired of of constant harassment by the police? Are you looking for a change in your career path? Then join our organisation.

We are looking for motivated people able to sell financial products to our gullible customers, sorry typo, should read valued customers. These financial products may well, further down the line, prove to be not quite as they seem. But not to worry you will not be held responsible for the missold financial products and any fine will be met by your employer. You will of course keep all the lovely commission you made whilst mis-selling these products.

As absolutely no one within the organisation will ever be held responsible for these products or their mis-selling I think you will agree that this job opportunity offers great money making potential with absolutely no risk to yourself or our organisation.

To apply please contact you nearest bank for full details.

Yet another banking scandal.

PS: Before the grammar and punctuation police jump on me,I don't care.

  michaelw 09:17 23 Aug 2013

And yet they sleep soundly at night. There's a name for those without a conscience.

  rickf 09:17 23 Aug 2013

Agree, it's disgusting how they have the audacity to sell these products. Should be treated as fraudulent therefore criminal and people responsible should be prosecuted.

  spuds 11:32 23 Aug 2013

Everytime I mention corrupt practises or taking the customer for an idiot, I am usually met with the "Talking Rubbish" or "not understanding the competitive markets".

A world apart (perhaps?) from the regular occuring "lessons must be learned" incidents of above. I have over the past two weeks had to contact previous supplier's of services, to ask about renewal payments for the next year. When company's can hike up prices to loyal customer's by 30% plus, then reduce them by 30% due to a complaint (without batting an eyelid), then there must be something very seriously wrong with the way these organisations work,and how the supposed Watchdogs work?.

Another incident that is not registering to peacefully on my mind at present. About 2 years ago, I purchased a new fridge-freezer, and with that came a 2 year 'peace of mind' warranty plus a further 3 year warranty for parts only, labour extra on initial registration. The two years are now up, but this hasn't stopped two other 'insurance' company's offering 3 years further cover. Both insurance cover seems identical, yet one wants £63.00 and the other wants £153.00 to cover the further two years. And what's the betting that the same engineer will attend, being sub-contracted to the insurance company as their local representative. What annoys me the most, this information that the original two years have past, and its very obvious that this information is being passed around without my authority or knowledge among other supposedly competitor's?.

  spuds 11:35 23 Aug 2013

correction: stated "further two years", it should have been "three years".

  spuds 15:10 23 Aug 2013

Reference to my above comment, I notice that 6 of the UK's main carpet and furniture retailer's are apparently now under investigation, according to a number of media reports today click here will this type of increasing and concerning news end?.


  Chronos the 2nd 15:30 23 Aug 2013

Supermarkets have some very creative pricing structures also, but until we get regulatory agencies with real power instead of the ineffectual bodies whose names usually start with Of then we will get the usual finger wagging from our politicians, who of course set up these toothless bodies in the first place.

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