help with Squirrel resistant bird feeders

  carver 11:00 18 Jan 2014

I haven't the first idea if this is the correct forum but here goes, for the past couple of years Squirrels have become a major nuisance in the garden as far as the bird feeders are concerned.

I need to buy some new feeders both nut and seed but not sure which to buy and that is why I'm posting this, has anybody had any success with a particular feeder and if so which one.

The Squirrels that are coming into the garden have gone to extreme lengths to attack feeders I have put up and now have even gone through a small branch to get the feeder on the ground so they could attack it, result one badly chewed feeder.

This last feeder was hung on a small branch with a 12inch 3mm dia length of aluminium between it and the branch with grease smeared on the aluminium so they just gnawed the branch.

I'll give them 10 out of 10 for effort but i's now getting so the birds can't get near the feeders for squirrels.

  fourm member 14:19 18 Jan 2014

Since no-one else seems to have anything to offer, I'll give my thoughts.

I think you need to have feeders on poles not on branches and the feeders and the poles need those skirt type things that squirrels can't climb round.

Then you need to put the feeders a long way away from any other structure (trees, walls, etc) so the squirrels can't jump from there onto the feeder.

  spuds 14:21 18 Jan 2014

I am afraid that most people regard squirrel's as being unintelligent, but there are a number of scientific studies about that prove otherwise, and perhaps especially more so where food is considered. You might find some video examples on YouTube.

We have a number of various feeder's, including so called squirrel-proof type, like double steel cage devices. Nothing seems to work, but it does prove to be an amusing experience watching the antics squirrel's get up to, including training their next generation.

With regards to the squirrel-proof devices or feeder's, nothing like seeing a slim squirrel gaining access, then stuffing itself so it becomes stuck. Remove needs extra caution!.

  morddwyd 18:16 18 Jan 2014

"am afraid that most people regard squirrel's as being unintelligent"

They are rats, and anything but unintelligent. Highly adaptable opportunists.

  Woolwell 18:48 18 Jan 2014

A friend of ours puts Vaseline on the poles and apparently this stops the squirrels climbing them.

  bumpkin 20:01 18 Jan 2014

Hang it down from a thick branch out of jumping range using old wire cable (stripped and greased). Don't know if it will work but would be interesting to see how they approach that challenge.

  alB* 20:28 18 Jan 2014

I think we've got Rambo squirrels in our garden, they knock the feeders off the branches and then cart then off up the garden and somehow chew through the wire to get at the feed, this is my next line of defence...alB. enter link description here

  geoff96 21:02 18 Jan 2014

I find these quite useful for getting rid of unwanted visitors.

click here

  Aitchbee 21:22 18 Jan 2014

... if using peanuts as a food supply for your bird-table - always make sure they have been crushed beforehand ... 'cos male squirrels do not like their nuts to be squashed.

  Quickbeam 07:36 19 Jan 2014

That's not unique to squirrels HB.

  BT 08:49 19 Jan 2014

Its an old trick but if you dust your birdfood with chilli powder they'll only try it once and won't come back. Birds aren't bothered by the Chilli but the Squirrels really don't like it. It won't do any harm to the birds.

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