HELP!! Someones hacked my ebay account!

  Uboat 18:46 17 Jun 2010

OMG! someone has hacked into my Ebay i cant sign in & ive called them & i cant speak to anyone there offices are closed.?
here is the ad can anyone help PLEASE!

click here

  Uboat 18:47 17 Jun 2010

That advert is NOT mine! i DIDNT place it! BUT the account "quadcore64" is me!

  acein1 19:20 17 Jun 2010

hi, ? are you quadcore64, or quadcore64bit, i notice that you say you are quadcore,but the ebay seller is called quadcore64bit,just a thought

  Forum Editor 19:22 17 Jun 2010

no harm has been done yet, has it?

Why can't you sign in - what happens when you try?

  Uboat 19:27 17 Jun 2010

All my passwords & secret questions have changed! thankx fe cant get in touch with ebay grr

  Uboat 19:31 17 Jun 2010

acein1 i am "quadcore64bit" & whoever has done this is based in Scotland ive traced there IP, also they have changed the email address for bids! my m8 has just placed a bid of for £2k basicly to kill anyone else from bidding on it! & i would normaly recive a email stating the bid i got nothing..
FYI the account details was changed today at 15:20 i did recive a email confirming this..

  acein1 19:48 17 Jun 2010

you say tey have changed the email address for bids, so i take it you have 2 email address registered with ebay,otherwise you would not have recieved the change confirmation email.
i suggest you keep all information you can and try to speak to e-bay tomorrow,im sure they will be able to sort it, best of luck

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:55 17 Jun 2010

You seem to be cursed using the Internet. I would give up.


  Devil Fish 20:22 17 Jun 2010

bad luck does seem to follow you. Cant help with the ebay problem but may be able to help limit your bad luck in future

some basic security tips for you may help you in future if you are not already using them

if you have a wireless router make sure it is secured

use up to date anti virus and anti malware run scans frequently

A firewall

when creating passwords use at least 8 characacters long using upper case letters lower case letters numbers and symbols

do not use words or phrases that are easy to guess

Do not allow your browser to store passwords for you

and never give your passwords to other people even if it is your best mate

if you need to write passwords down keep them in a secure location seperate from your pc

the above tips should serve you well in future if you follow them

  mrwoowoo 20:38 17 Jun 2010


go to ebay homepage

click on HELP

click on A-Z

click on H - you will see hijacked acoount click on it

then scroll down to the bottom of the page and you can report it to someone on 24 HOURS - LIVE HELP

  Uboat 22:25 17 Jun 2010

OK here is what happened!! its a new scam called "Tabnapping" they managed to hack into my email/ebay account & completly control & change all my details! her is a detailed descripton!

click here

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