Help with my fairy cakes

  gengiscant 19:36 02 Jun 2010

Although I can only swallow a liquid food substitute and my tastes buds are rubbish I oddly enough do most of the cooking. I have turned my hand to baking, in particular Fairy cakes, I mean how hard can it be?
Harder than I thought it seems, whereas the top half is nigh on perfect with a deep golden crown, as it gets towards the bottom the sponge is not as firm as the top.

Should I lower the temperature of the oven from it's recipe suggesting of 180C?

  Proclaimer 19:53 02 Jun 2010

Baking it the most difficult to master.

  gengiscant 20:22 02 Jun 2010

I should have mentioned the recipe quantities.
1 egg
2oz butter
4oz caster sugar
3oz self raising flour
2oz milk

makes 6

ah, so there is middle shelf, will look into that.
Could also be a liquid thing as I like to think I am being creative by flinging in some lemon juice.
Much to learn me thinks.

  wee eddie 23:09 02 Jun 2010

Cake recipes are, proportion, critical, try the recipe just as it says ~ without the lemon juice. If you wish you can drizzle that on later.

  Forum Editor 23:21 02 Jun 2010

leave out the lemon juice - you can make a sugar/lemon juice mix in a saucepan when the cakes are cooked. Trickle it onto the warm cakes and leave to cool.

  Quickbeam 01:03 03 Jun 2010

"makes 6"...? Waste of time, I can scoff six fairy cakes before I've closed the back door when I get home! Make 10 X that amount and freeze them before you eat them all.

That recipe has a very high proportion of sugar which has a destabilising effect on cake balance, take a look at this one click here Note that the proportions of the main 4 ingredients are equal. It's known as a pound all round recipe, or can be a kilo or whatever... it's 25% of flour, butter, sugar, liquid (egg/milk)

A fan oven will always give a better and more even bake, if you already are using one, you can knock 15/20 degrees of that temp that you're using. You get better with practice and baking isn't hard, fairy cakes are one of the first things that kids used to make in the old domestic science classes.

  gengiscant 05:34 03 Jun 2010

I do not eat any, I think the clue to the fact in my post was the line "Although I can only swallow a liquid food substitute " but When I could eat normally I to could scoff my fair share of cake. So six is More than ample for my granddaughter when she visits.
I have also discovered that the chocolate sweet 'Flake' does not melt so makes a poor topping for Fairy cakes.Do not suggest a good quality dark chocolate ,it is the food of the devil.

  Quickbeam 08:30 03 Jun 2010

A little cocoa in the icing sugar is all you need.

  Demora 09:32 03 Jun 2010

I would suggest not using lemon juice as this may curdle the milk.

Also when all the ingredients are combined, don't over beat the mixture.

Lemon Zest from unwaxed lemons is stronger and gives a lovely flavour.


  Quickbeam 11:03 03 Jun 2010

To melt chocolate click here

Any chocolate will melt, just try holding some in your hand, but it's very sensitive to how it's melted. Too high a temperature and the tempered product breaks down into it's separate different fats, all with different melting points. What you have to do is to soften it slowly while retaining the makers tempering of the product.

Chocolate production from raw cocoa is quite a complicated process of heating and cooling several times to specific different temperatures in a specific order until all the various different melting point fats are perfectly homogenised. When this is done, it's said to be tempered, and that is the product that we buy in the shops.

  gengiscant 11:36 03 Jun 2010

Of course the results matter,plus there are far better thing to do than be up to the armpits in flour especially when the weather is fine.

This post started out as a little light relief with just a modicum of seriousness in relation to sponge consistency. I really do not care enough about chocolate and tempering to bother again using it as a topping. A spot of strawberry jam from a jar will do the trick.
The advice in relation to liquid and sponge consistency I have noted and feel sure that my next effort will reflect what I have learnt. Not that it really matters as my granddaughter seems to eat them however they turn out.
Thanks all.

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