Help me with presentation for a speech

  Dezzle 18:00 10 Jan 2018

I need to prepare for the speech. I want to make a powerful presentation, how is it better to do this?

  Belatucadrus 18:04 10 Jan 2018

Whatever method you is the best advice is learn what you want to say and practise saying it, even if only to yourself. Worst case scenario is going blank and forgetting what you want to say when confronted by an audience.

  Belatucadrus 18:05 10 Jan 2018

Should read " Whatever method you use "

  bumpkin 20:21 10 Jan 2018

What does your speech relate to.

  Forum Editor 08:46 11 Jan 2018

I could write you a book - I make speeches quite often - but that's not going to help you, so...

A lot depends on context - a wedding speech is a totally different thing to a sales presentation, but there are some common factors.

One of the golden rules of public speaking is 'talk about something you know'. An audience knows immediately if a speaker is on uncertain ground, and it creates tension. Conversely, listening to a confident, relaxed speaker who is talking on a familiar topic can be a joy.

Another essential is prepare, prepare, prepare. One of the best speeches i ever heard was by a woman who appeared to be talking off the cuff, almost making it up as she went along. Her speech just flowed, and it was a riveting performance. Talking to her afterwards, I complimented her on her relaxed, seemingly ad-hoc style. "If only you knew how much work goes into that" she said "I burnt the midnight oil for a week, preparing for that speech".

Thirdly, remember that your audience desperately wants you to succeed - nobody wants to witness a verbal train crash unfolding in front of their eyes. The first minute is absolutely critical - grab your audience then, or risk losing its attention. A good trick is to learn the first couple of hundred words of your speech by heart - then you can stand up and deliver a flawless couple of minutes wiht0out fumbling with notes, or pausing for thought. You will have engaged your audience, and they'll be on your side. Not everyone can do this, and if you are not good at remembering lines don't waste time trying. Make subject notes on cards, and use them as trigger points in your speech, it looks and sounds much better than someone trying to read an entire speech verbatim from reams of paper.

Finally, be very careful about jokes - humour is a difficult thing, and many a speaker has been met with a stony silence instead of hilarious laughter. The occasional wry remark is fine, but steer clear of anything remotely smutty.

Keep it relevant, and keep it short. look at people in the audience, so they feel involved. Don't gabble, try to relax and pace yourself. Everyone listening will want you to make a good job of this, and all of them will be glad it's not them on their feet. You are in control - remember that.

I'm sure you'll be great - I hope it goes well.

  Forum Editor 16:21 11 Jan 2018

Use PowerPoint for a presentation - have you used it before?

  QuizMan 09:59 12 Jan 2018

Personally, I always used to memorise the first couple of minutes which was enough time to settle any nerves, After that, I just used bullet point notes to remind me what to say. It the preparation beforehand that is more important than the day itself.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:29 12 Jan 2018

The good news is, presenting well in front of a crowd–be it a small group at work, or in front of hundreds of people–really isn’t all that complicated.

It ain't complicated but it can be daunting and its certainly not easy to do it right- I've been doing it for a living nearly everyday for the last 30 years and I still get nervous before staring a new presentation.

  dikul 13:38 14 Jan 2018

The best advice I was given (when I was being trained to deliver Presentation Skills training) is when you are ready to start speaking, take a good breath and you will find that getting the first sentence out without running out of puff does bolster your confidence and steady your voice.

  wee eddie 21:15 16 Jan 2018

May I make a comment. Avoid PowerPoint like the plague.

You use two words, Speech and Presentation, these are two very different things.

If you are making a speech, prior to the presentation of an Honour, the Bride or Groom, heed FE's advice.

If you are doing the presentation of a new toothpaste to a group of Reps, you might just get away with PowerPoint, but wouldn't earn yourself any brownie points. A Flip Chart and speaking "off the cuff" would do you better.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:06 16 Jan 2018

As the op has not replied in 5 days i think we are wasting our time.

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