Help with Laundry/hospital.

  gengiscant 09:54 27 Jan 2010

We have had lively discussions recently on bread making and dishwasher salt,whatever that might be.
Anyway my question is what can I do to rectify my laundry problem.
I mistakenly put red socks in with my white underwear and I now have pink boxers. A I have a hospital appointment soon which will entail the removal of my trousers, should I a:boiled said underwear, b:buy new underwear,c:do not wear underwear or d:wear pink underwear and take the obvious giggles like a man?

  Quickbeam 10:21 27 Jan 2010

I can't see them being too bothered, not when their idea of bedwear involves bared buttocks:)

  gengiscant 10:34 27 Jan 2010

Don't be cheeky.

  jack 10:36 27 Jan 2010

Are now a sort of feint pinkish/grey, simply because with my fortnightly wash it all goes in.
I have a sufficient supply of U-wear to enable the W-machine to used only every other week.
I go to the gym., have hospital appointments,etc
and don't give a damn- what people may think, even if they notice.

  birdface 10:38 27 Jan 2010

Or be really brave and wear your Wifes.

That will really give them something to Giggle about.

  wee eddie 10:42 27 Jan 2010

Pink T-shirts are more obvious to the viewer than pink underpants, but help to concentrate the mind.

Wear them, with pride. I can't see what there is to be bothering about.

In future, don't buy white ~ Anything. Among other things, the first time that you wear a white shirt, you're sure to spill tomato sauce on it, which will never come out.

  Quickbeam 10:57 27 Jan 2010

'Always wear clean underwear in case your involved in an accident', we've all heard. The trouble is, clean underwear is usually the first casualty in an accident:)

  gengiscant 11:06 27 Jan 2010

I am looking at your idea very closely. My good lady has a rather fetching lacy pair which I feel would look rather good on myself.

  canarieslover 12:05 27 Jan 2010

Lacy pair!!! Well if anyone can - Gengiscan.

  Quickbeam 12:10 27 Jan 2010

I'll bet that they've seen it all before.

Medics, police, judges and taxi drivers can't be shocked...

  donki 12:27 27 Jan 2010

I remember a few years ago I was going in for a knee operation. The consultant came in had a little chat, then handed me a gown to put on and said he would b back in 5 minutes. Now, I was getting my clothes off when I thought "hmmmmm boxers off or boxers on?". For some strange reason I thought boxers off.

When the consultant came back in with a dainty nurse a few minutes later I realised my mistake as the consultant lifted my leg to mark it as the one for operation. I could see he was trying to keep a straight face as he told me I could keep my boxers on. I felt a tad silly.

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