Help for Jaguar!

  Pine Man 11:33 18 Dec 2008

So the Government is seriously considering bailing out Jaguar, an Indian owned company. This was announced the day that Woolworths confirmed it's closure date and the loss of 217000 jobs!

What, I wonder, is the criteria that the government has adopted for bail outs?

  interzone55 08:43 19 Dec 2008

"The EU would cry anti competition rules and ban it"

Have you had confirmation of this?

I don't think it will be a problem anyway because there aren't many large british owned companies any more...

  laurie53 09:52 19 Dec 2008

"browns time is up, i hope he feels a failed prime minster having never been elected!"

We don't elect Prime Ministers in this country, only MPs. It is they who select, not necessarily elect, their party leader, who normally becomes`Prime Minister when the party is in the majority.

The Labour Party, perhaps not unanimously but nobody stood against him, were quite happy for El Gordo to take over when Blair went.

  laurie53 09:57 19 Dec 2008

It doesn't matter whether he's present or not, you said in history.

I agreed that he is very unpopular, but questioned your assertion that he is the most unpopular ever.

Margaret Thatcher, Michael Foot and Harold Wilson were all at least as unpopular, and Spencer Perceval was so unpopular he was assassinated!

  spuds 11:03 19 Dec 2008

Isn't this plea of help, a bit like the recent Corus 'refunding' help exercise?.

Taken over by wealthy Asian families and company's, then requesting future support to keep the company solvent.

  rawprawn 11:51 19 Dec 2008


  Pine Man 11:59 19 Dec 2008

Maybe this is a good time for the Chinese to try and get a sub from Gordon to get MG up and running again?

  Quickbeam 14:45 19 Dec 2008

The only thing I can remember that Michael Foot did to be unpopular was wearing his cashmere donkey jacket at the cenotaph service.

  sunnystaines 17:31 19 Dec 2008


I remember that disgraceful day he did that.

  brindly 19:25 19 Dec 2008

I am still waiting for the return of the £800 million given to Rover before the last election. If Jag and LandRover are in trouble and the government want to rescue them with our money why don't they offer to buy them instaed of a loan to someone who is rich, then we might get a return on our money when we come out of this recession.

  laurie53 19:49 19 Dec 2008

Thanks. My mistake.

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