Help for Jaguar!

  Pine Man 11:33 18 Dec 2008

So the Government is seriously considering bailing out Jaguar, an Indian owned company. This was announced the day that Woolworths confirmed it's closure date and the loss of 217000 jobs!

What, I wonder, is the criteria that the government has adopted for bail outs?

  perpetual motion 19:41 18 Dec 2008

lol Tata sponsoring from the cheapest to the most my oh my this world is shocking & yet they wont invest that money into Jaguar/landy rover..?? seems Od they do things like that imho i belive they (Tata) have something under there sleeve!!

  canarieslover 20:07 18 Dec 2008

Jaguar came second. They had already asked for a bail-out of the steel industry last week.Corus are also owned by Tata. Perhaps they thought they might as well try for as much as they can.

  canarieslover 20:09 18 Dec 2008

Jaguar came second. Corus had asked the government for aid for the steel industry last week. Guess who owns Corus? Tata of course. Might as well go for as much as they can get!!

  canarieslover 20:11 18 Dec 2008

Sorry about second post. Didn't realise we had moved to page 2. Doh!!

  laurie53 20:37 18 Dec 2008

"this is the most dissliked PM in the uk's history"

While he is very unpopular I can think of several who were more disliked even during my lifetime, without going back to the 19th and 18th centuries.

  perpetual motion 21:47 18 Dec 2008

laurie53 this guys is present & has almost unlimted amounts of OUR money & he's abusing it!

it dont take much to google his name followed by a disslikable word & you get plenty of other forums with other people stating there oppinion of him..

  AL47 22:10 18 Dec 2008

i agree, its not tatas fault,jag and landrover are naturally going under unless they change, not that i agree with this massive taxation of hi powered cars tho

browns time is up, i hope he feels a failed prime minster having never been elected!

i dread to think the debt this country will be in in 2 years

im a brit, get me out of here!

  al's left peg 23:32 18 Dec 2008

I also heard that the whole of the Nissan workforce at Sunderland were sent home again today until after christmas. The same radio report said that will be bailed out if that looks like going under.
I live in the north east and I don't want to see anybody lose their jobs wether it be up in this area or at a Jag/ Land Rover plant. What I cannot get my head round though is, if a true British company were to be in trouble and the government planned on bailing it out. The EU would cry anti competition rules and ban it. There is no noise about this whatsoever being mentioned regarding the above companies. One is French, the other Indian and that is where the main problem lies. The UK does not really own much industry in it's own country, so foreign owners can blackmail the government into handing over massive amounts of cash in the form of grants, or rescue packages or face factory closures and large scale unemployment.
I don't know what the answer is but I do know this. Gordon Brown did not half talk a load of b******s standing behind that lectern all those years as chancellor telling us: "No more boom and bust"

  perpetual motion 00:56 19 Dec 2008

al's left peg...Good Points!

ur from north east..? Newcastle..??

i aggree though with the EU there is total silence isnt they something ive over looked MMMMM!!

  Strawballs 04:02 19 Dec 2008

The reason we don't own much of industry is because from 1979 - 1997 it was actively whiped out by the then government in favour of the square mile thinking that the whole country could be financed from there but that now needs bailing out with now industrial base to fall back on.

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