Help for Jaguar!

  Pine Man 11:33 18 Dec 2008

So the Government is seriously considering bailing out Jaguar, an Indian owned company. This was announced the day that Woolworths confirmed it's closure date and the loss of 217000 jobs!

What, I wonder, is the criteria that the government has adopted for bail outs?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:29 18 Dec 2008

My current car is a Jaguar and my last two cars were a Jaguar and a Daimler, so I guess that I feel that the cars are very good...........however why could the Government bail out Woolworths when they were in trouble? Why should we be bailing out what is now an Indian company. They should be ponying up the cash. This recession will last more than a year or two so the chance of luxury cars being sold in similar historical quantities are grim. You cannot keep pumping money into a dead duck. Jaguar were in trouble before this 'recessio' and it is not going to gewt better. The Govt. would have more cheek than a giraffe has got neck if they tried to bail out Jaguar and not the shopworkers of Woolies.


  sunnystaines 16:41 18 Dec 2008

Jaguar once a car that turned heads with it elegant sleek style and performance. now if you went past one you probably would not notice it, no different from a med-large company car.

its had its day.

  perpetual motion 17:05 18 Dec 2008

GANDALF & sunnystaines" im with you two on this thread!

I dont see WHY GB should help a already super rich company out when there own "Turf" is really struggling, Woolworths should of been thrown a thread of hope but yet GB thinks differant, please remember this is the most dissliked PM in the uk's history & he's like a boy with a new toy & i belive he's WAY in deep water & its not just the recession cause if the recession didnt exsist i still belive he'd throw his position about to somehow kinda proove he is capable of ruling this land, i think if i could have a 121 with GB id suggest he raises his head out of the clouds & listens to a more public view of things instead of all the chit chat the mp's speak, then id ask him to help his own country & place tata way back in the corridors,..what would you suggest to GB if you could have a 121..?

  anskyber 17:09 18 Dec 2008

They should be allowed to fail, the national interest might be served however if a lower scale bail out of any defence contracts is involved.

  Main Access 17:15 18 Dec 2008

didnt Mandy lose his job last time over a passport and an India tycoon?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:30 18 Dec 2008

'didnt Mandy lose his job last time over a passport and an India tycoon?'....miiiaaaaaaooooowwwww.... ;-)


  lofty29 17:43 18 Dec 2008

There is no way in which JAG/LR should be bailed out, they are minority cars, if they were in a tory constituency they would not be even talking about it, they should make cars that ordinary people can afford and want.

  rawprawn 18:39 18 Dec 2008

It's not the perceived Class of Jaguar that is in question, it is the simple fact that Tata bought Jaguar in full knowledge of all the facts. They are also well able to fund any downturn themselves.
We should not be responsible for a British company that has been sold so recently to a foreign investor.
What comes next the Steel Industry?

  cream. 18:41 18 Dec 2008

to sponsor Ferrari next year. Deal done here

  Pine Man 19:23 18 Dec 2008

I clicked on your link expecting some sort of spoof BUT IT'S ABSOLUTELY TRUE!!!


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