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Help To Identify A Bird

  OTT_B 11:03 29 Jun 2014

Hi Folks, long time no see - not posted for a while, but do still pop round from time to time!

I was out and about yesterday testing a camera lens when I came across a bird, but am struggling to identify it. Image quality is quite poor - the bird was a long way away and it's handheld at 560mm.....and it turns out the lens with extender isn't that great either!

Can anyone tell me what it is? Guessing a red kite, but don't really know!

Thanks for any help!

Bird to identify


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  hzhzhzhz 00:51 01 Jul 2014

Common Buzzard.

  sunnystaines 07:12 01 Jul 2014

we have plenty buzzards here and its not one of them, used to live where red kites are very comon i am sure its a red kite.

  mbc 16:16 02 Jul 2014

Question-Name a bird with a long neck.

Answer-Lily Cole.

  OTT_B 18:34 02 Jul 2014

I've pretty much settled on it being a juvenile red kite, though the elusive creature is still evading me (or I'm no good at stalking!).

Thanks for your responses - if anyone else has a theory as to its identity, feel free to post. If I actually manage to see it / them again then and get a usable photo I'll post it up for verification!

  hzhzhzhz 19:24 02 Jul 2014

Perched pic is a Common Buzzard. Flight pic is a Red Kite.

  dizmek 21:01 02 Jul 2014

Did you watch it for some time in flight? A Kestrel has a fairly unique hunting pattern, in that it hunts in 'figure of eight' movements, gradually moving away from one point, either to one side or another, dependent upon the country it overflies and the prey animals likely to be there. Before egg-laying, you will often see a mature pair hunting together like this, I have watched them for hours. Having said that, I believe your picture is that of a Red Kite. Same forked tail, but does appear to have the reddish-brown plumage. Out here in Lincolnshire we mostly have Sparrowhawks, Kestrels and Buzzards, which are making a great comeback. And there is an escaped Eagle Owl somewhere, if still alive. Without a mate, of course.

  dizmek 21:03 02 Jul 2014

Definitely not a Buzzard.

  iscanut 21:57 02 Jul 2014

Not a buzzard nor a peregrine but possibly a Kite or kestrel .

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