Help buying a cheap car?

  Autoschediastic 16:47 27 Jun 2011

Hi guys i know this isnt a pc related issue and i understand if FE wants to delete this thread but i dont have any knowledge on cars so i know some of you guys may know if this car is a good buy? its a cheap runnaround i need and i wasnt sure what the problem is with this car and would it cost a lot to sort out?

Here is the advert & a big thanks to anyone that can tell me if its going to be expensive to fix and if its worth the money he is asking for it.?


  BT 17:17 27 Jun 2011

Its very cheap for this model. Current going rate is about £2000 - £2500 for this age and model.

The ECU is a common failure point for A series Mercs and can be expensive to replace.

I wouldn't even consider a car that doesn't run properly.

  bremner 17:22 27 Jun 2011

I agree with BT it seems far too cheap.

Unless you have it properly examined you cannot be sure it is not the gearbox and they are certainly not cheap.

  woodchip 17:54 27 Jun 2011

My advice is, Steer Clear. They was also the tip over model that they made. later model was more stable. One of your best places to look is in your Newsagent at Parker's Car list book, it tells you what to look for on car make and model. You cannot tell nothing about a Car by reading a Advert. You have to take a knowledgeable person to look at any car it may even be worth paying, as it can save you a heap of problems. RAC and AA do this kind of service but at a Price

  Quickbeam 18:06 27 Jun 2011

It's cheap because the fault is undoubtedly expensive. They'll have had it in and diagnosed. It's a car for an auto technician or sparky as they will be able to put the labour hours into it without having to price it for a sale.

  Autoschediastic 18:21 27 Jun 2011

Thankyou all so much! i really wasnt sure about the car and now reading all the comments there is one thing in common with them and that is you all say "Stay clear" and thats good enough for me! i suppose I will avoid the merc if it was a simple fix the current owner would have it fixed!...

Ive got a budget of around £650 and i aint got an idea where to start? Thanks once again everyone i REALLY appreciate your time and replies!!!

  woodchip 20:01 27 Jun 2011

If it will not go above 30 it could be some dead Injectors, this would also keep it from changing gear as it would be like driving up a hill all the time.

As to Computers the Computer is only as good as the guy who knows how to operate it, we know that on hear as there is a lot of guessing in trying to help others with there pc problems. It’s a lot woes in a garage where they have the equipment but do not know how to operate it

  Quiller. 20:19 27 Jun 2011

I bought the wife a new A180 lwb in late 2003 ( 53 plate). The ride was awful and we were not impressed with MB servicing. It was traded in after 15 months.

I think you are right not going for it.

Have you tried the autotrader website?

  WhiteTruckMan 21:07 27 Jun 2011

It's been my experience that it's not the cost of the car thats the problem, its the cost of running it that is the deal breaker for me. (I've also noted that when someone says a car is 'too big' for them then usually it's a financial term whether they realise it or not). This also includes repairs for known troubles as well as the obvious biggies insurance group and mpg.

Just remember that as in all things if something looks too good to be true trhen it usually is. If you do buy this merc, then hope for the best but expect the worst.


btw, for what it's worth I'd walk away from this one.

  Autoschediastic 21:59 27 Jun 2011

Woodchip/Dick Tattor/WTM thanks guys for your time/help! yes ive just been told by a friend who wasnt available when i created this thread to stay well clear! i only need a cheap car to get me to work and back so spending over a grand isnt something i want to do tbh,

Cheers guys!

  ams4127 22:46 27 Jun 2011

I agree. If it is the ECU then you will be looking at a bill in excess of £400 to replace it.

Do not touch it with the proverbial barge pole.

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