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Hello, this is an urgent announcement for those...

  chub_tor 11:50 16 Feb 2017

..on benefits.

Is anybody else getting these annoying calls? I get two or three a day, each time from a different number because as they come in I block the old one via BT Call Protect. I did once listen to the complete message which says I can get a new boiler on the cheap and I used the "Press 9 to be removed from our records" Perhaps that was a mistake for they now know that my number is live.

Any ideas on how to stop them would be much appreciated.

  Jollyjohn 12:02 16 Feb 2017

Being on benefits has nothing to do with it.

Report the calls click here and keep blocking the calls.

  chub_tor 14:24 16 Feb 2017


Thanks for the link and I have reported two of the calls. It is a pity that you have to fill in all the fields for each incident. As I explained all the calls are identical but each time they come from a different number so the BT Call Protect does not stop them coming in. All I can do is block each number that they use. Looking back at my records of blocked calls - for the past 12 days I have received 36 calls, one in the morning, one around 2.00pm and one around 5.00pm. All calls have the same recorded message about getting a free boiler and all sent from different phone numbers. My phone itself can only block 20 numbers and it is full, now I have BT Call Protect I am hoping that will enable to block even more.

Very frustrating and damned annoying.

  Burn-it 14:40 16 Feb 2017

Join the Call Preference Service - and the Mail Preference Service while you are at it.

  chub_tor 15:25 16 Feb 2017

Burn-it I renew my TPS and MPS every year. It has made no difference to these calls, in fact I have just received another one while I am writing this. That makes 4 identical calls today. Exactly the same recorded message but from four different numbers.

  morddwyd 19:55 16 Feb 2017

TPS is a waste of time, a decent call blocker is the only answer.

Only 39 numbers in the whole world, including all mobiles, can call my number.

I haven't had an unwanted call in seven years.

  chub_tor 20:05 16 Feb 2017

I would be interested in the kind of call blocker that you use. I had six of these automatic calls today, all with the same message but all from regular phone numbers abut all different.

  HondaMan 20:33 16 Feb 2017

I'm with morddwyd on this one. TPS is useless.

I use Truecall and if I now get one unwanted call a month that's a lot. Several telephones are now available with facilities to block calls, but you may need to check how many numbers they will block.

  Jollyjohn 20:35 16 Feb 2017

My mate has simply turned the ringer off on his land line and therefore never answers a junk mail call!!

  morddwyd 20:37 16 Feb 2017

"I would be interested in the kind of call blocker that you use"

Sale as Hondaman, TrueCall.

  oresome 20:45 16 Feb 2017

We've just purchased new phones with call blocking.

Unknown numbers have to give their name followed by a hash before our phone even rings.(with a different ring to recognised numbers) We then have various options before possibly answering.

We have one regular caller who withholds her land line number, so she has some inconvenience when calling. She actually called on her mobile today and was surprised when she got straight through as our phone recognised the number.

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