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Hello from my self-isolation world....

  Forum Editor 17:38 23 Mar 2020

My wife visited a friend last week to deliver a birthday gift. She did not go into the house, but put the package into the porch and rang the bell. As she stepped back, someone shouted 'Boo!'. She turned around, and her friend hugged her before she could do anything. That friend has since been diagnosed as having a COVID-19 infection, and as a result we have both been told to self-isolate. So here I am, stuck in the house.

I will work remotely via Microsoft Teams, and make a nuisance of myself here, in the forums but I can't shake off the feeling that the wolves are circling.

  john bunyan 22:46 30 Mar 2020

Now Dominic Cummings is self isolated with a suspected case. No doubt there is a hot line to the PM so he can tell him what to do.

  Forum Editor 09:32 31 Mar 2020

Over the next week or so as social distancing starts to have an effect, let's hope we see the infection rate slowly start to flatten.

  Brumas 21:48 07 Apr 2020

Update: My daughter has finally recovered after self-isolating and, thank heavens her husband and 5 year old son haven't caught it due to her fastidiousness.

She said it was a 'rough ride' and was lucky, being quite young and quite healthy as she wouldn't wish it on any one older.

  john bunyan 22:07 07 Apr 2020


Good news. Hope you and yours stay safe. My wife is in the “shielded” list so we stay 2 - 3 m apart even at home. With a large garden and no help I’m not bored!

  Brumas 22:57 07 Apr 2020

john bunyan, thanks old pal. It must be hard having to 'manoeuvre' yourselves around the house avoiding each over, alright if you've had a row and not speaking, otherwise a bit of a bummer!

  x13 09:45 12 Apr 2020

Just finished my last 'therapy' last week which entailed travelling to hospital every day for three weeks. Have huge respect for the NHS workers and also to the voluntary hospital transport taxi drivers without which I would have been in trouble. Travelling on the motorway was a bit eerie and reminded me of old photographs of the 1960's motorways with the lack of traffic.

  john bunyan 10:01 12 Apr 2020


Good luck with therapy. I agree on NHS;. 7 years ago I was given 6 months to live. Here I am 7 years later following ( expensive) NHS therapy so it is amazing what they can do these days. Hope you feel better and good wishes.

  x13 10:12 12 Apr 2020

john bunyan - thank you for the good wishes :) For me it's a slow recovery but a recovery non the less. Miracles do happen!

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