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Hello from my self-isolation world....

  Forum Editor 17:38 23 Mar 2020

My wife visited a friend last week to deliver a birthday gift. She did not go into the house, but put the package into the porch and rang the bell. As she stepped back, someone shouted 'Boo!'. She turned around, and her friend hugged her before she could do anything. That friend has since been diagnosed as having a COVID-19 infection, and as a result we have both been told to self-isolate. So here I am, stuck in the house.

I will work remotely via Microsoft Teams, and make a nuisance of myself here, in the forums but I can't shake off the feeling that the wolves are circling.

  Brumas 17:46 23 Mar 2020

F.E. Isn't your wife lucky to have an extra pair of hands for the 'annual spring clean' ;o}

  Menzie 18:14 23 Mar 2020

Brumas - Is that why it is so hard to find cleaning products online?

My car is due for an oil change, the dealership called me this morning to say they no longer will be open on weekends until further notice and rescheduled me.

They are now offering the pick up service for free where they pick up your vehicle, service it and drop it off but unfortunately I'm outside their service area.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:29 23 Mar 2020

All my clients have cancelled for the foreseeable future so I might as well fully isolate.

I've lived with her for over 40 years but only one of us may survive the next 4 months and it probably won't be me :0(

  Forum Editor 22:49 23 Mar 2020

"your wifes fiend doesn't sound like the sharpest pencil in the box."

She's a lawyer, so perhaps not stupid. She had a sore throat last Monday when my wife visited, but by Friday she was ill enough to be diagnosed as infected.

  wee eddie 23:20 23 Mar 2020

All I can say is: You two look after yourselves

  Forum Editor 23:43 23 Mar 2020

wee eddie

Thank you. I will be a little more relaxed if we're both OK this time next week. One of my clients has two people in his office who have been infected. I know them both, and it becomes very real when you know people who have it.

  Paneity 05:52 24 Mar 2020

Everyone should follow social distancing, stay home and everything would be fine, hopefully.

  simonjary 06:37 24 Mar 2020

Hope you stay well, FE and Mrs FE!

  wee eddie 07:34 24 Mar 2020

Before we heap loads of "Do" on the Lady who hugged FE's wife.

I think that it's unlikely that she knew that she had the Virus at the time

  john bunyan 08:04 24 Mar 2020

FE and Mrs FE

Fingers crossed for both of you and your Mrs’ friend.

We are isolated, my wife in the high risk category . Can’t rebook ASDA delivery so logistics is our only problem at the moment- relatives will help. Not sure if we will be able to attend my sister in law’s cremation- died yesterday ( not coronavirus).

We are thinking of all the folk worse off than us ( although vulnerable we have few money worries and a garden enough to exercise in. )

It must be absolutely difficult for flat dwellers with little money, those in care homes and many others , etc

The next month will be critical

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