Hello Again

  Vintage90 13:50 09 Jun 2011

Hi to all, I used to be known as cross trainer here, but have been away for some time, couldn't use my old username due to email address change.

New site looks great. I have become an iPad addict as well as my PC stuff, still going strong. Hope all who know me are well!


  daz60 01:37 10 Jun 2011

Vintage90, welcome back..do you think the tablet is the way to go in terms of "viable" mobile solutions.Not tried an iPad but have been considering either that or the Galaxy,or just making do. As regards British resentment to success, that's why we have no more industry.

  Vintage90 06:11 10 Jun 2011

Your expert is right! Android is at least two years behind. Get the iPad, you won't regret it!

  Vintage90 06:16 10 Jun 2011

Daz60 an iPad is not a laptop replacement. But with the right apps it comes very close. Remember it's a cloud device, so relies on an Internet connection for most tasks.

If you are going to use it out and about, the 3G version is best. Also at least 32gb if you are always within wifi range, then you don't need to fork out the extra £££ for 3 G

  Vintage90 06:17 10 Jun 2011

Strawballs and Condom Thanks for the welcome!


  rickf 11:26 10 Jun 2011

I have an Asus tf101 and it is excellent. Well built and looks great. Iuse it when I am working away from home but also using it so much more at home. Its a better machine all round compared to the Iconia A500. Can't compare it to the Ipad but I refuse to have Apple products. Over £500 and you can use Flash Player which excludes a lot of Youtube etc., What??

  Vintage90 11:45 10 Jun 2011


The iPad plays YouTube videos perfectly. It's built in to the os, and works out of the box!

BBC Iplayer, etc. Apps for all popular things, and many free. I'm sticking with what I consider to be the best mobile device I have ever known. FaceTime allows you to view and speak to your friends anywhere in the world, and as long as they are using their own wifi it's free.

Glad your happy, but if you ever get a chance, have a play with one....I don't worship Mr Jobs, but his company is light years ahead with this and the iPhone. I bet you a pint of your favourite tipple that if you spend a day with one, you will never go back to anything else!

  Woolwell 12:15 10 Jun 2011

Welcome back.

If users previously had an e-book reader eg Kindle and now have an IPad do they still use the e-book reader?

  Crosstrainer2 12:46 10 Jun 2011

I don't know why I didn't think of doing this in the first place! (I'm suffering from Routeritis)

Should jog a few more memories here, I've seen lot's of old freinds post's!

Didn't want to start a new thread, so hope this comes up the way I think it will. I am still the original Crosstrainer, this is the Mark2 username!

  Colonel Graham 14:52 10 Jun 2011


Welcome back from me too.

You should be able to log in as crosstrainer using your original email and password. Once in, you can update the details.

  Crosstrainer2 14:59 10 Jun 2011

Colonel? You must have been promted, and changed your username!!

I was too long away, and too many email adress chnges to re instate the old username. But this one works.

The Vintage 90 refers to my new (very old) guitar... A 1990 Fender Startocaster, the one thing in life I had on my "To Do" list

Forgive me, but what was your original user name?


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