Hello Again

  Vintage90 13:50 09 Jun 2011

Hi to all, I used to be known as cross trainer here, but have been away for some time, couldn't use my old username due to email address change.

New site looks great. I have become an iPad addict as well as my PC stuff, still going strong. Hope all who know me are well!


  interzone55 13:52 09 Jun 2011

Welcome back sir.

  Vintage90 14:05 09 Jun 2011

Thanks! Boy, the site sure has changed in appearance it's great on my iPad, which I use a lot more than the PC these days. It plays great games too, and meets with doctors approval!

  interzone55 14:16 09 Jun 2011

I refuse to have Apple products in the house, for reasons that are many & various, but I'm getting more and more into the tablet type computers.

I was going to buy one last week with my birthday cash, but I've decided to wait to see if the rumoured Kindle 4 is indeed an Android tablet

  Vintage90 14:30 09 Jun 2011

It won't be a true Android, and as much as you hate Apple ( and I used to) the iOS is the best around. iTunes is an utter pain, but there are ways around that. You could look at the Galaxy, or Acerbic tab. But if you have a go with an iPad, you will really not want anything else!

  Cymro. 14:40 09 Jun 2011

So why is it that people like Apple seem to be so unpopular on this forum? Much the same way as everybody is out gunning for Microsoft. Welcome anyway Vintage90

  Vintage90 14:47 09 Jun 2011

I guess because most are PC people. I still am, but can't sit at one for any length of time, and the iPad seemed a good solution. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, but I was wrong!

Thanks for the welcome, good to know there are a few old hands still around!

  bremner 14:51 09 Jun 2011

Vintage90 - this new site is still in development and there are issues with Safari. On the iPad the spellchecker does not appear at all.

I find that those who protest that they dislike / hate Apple have often never used a Mac or iPad, they seem to object more to the fact that Apple (like MS) want to make money.

If people are stupid enough to sell a kidney to buy an iPad that's their fault not Apples.

  Vintage90 14:54 09 Jun 2011

Bremner, that's odd, it works on mine. iPad 1 or 2? I'm using iOS 4.3.3 another old hand, more of you around than I thought.

  Cymro. 14:58 09 Jun 2011

bremner "they seem to object more to the fact that Apple (like MS) want to make money".

I think we Brits object to not just those who make money but to anyone who is successful in life. We build them up just to knock them down again.

  Vintage90 15:02 09 Jun 2011

There is the issue of apps to. Ok. Maybe the price is a tad high, but for about £30.00 you can kit yourself out with everything you need. All can be made to open in Ms Office, Open Office etc. Worldwide radio coverage, including aircraft channels? .59p. I was amazed.

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