Chegs ®™ 14:08 08 Jul 2010

Here in West Cumbria it used to be an occasional sight until the 2nd of June when all hell broke loose.We had several helicopters buzzing around the skies above the town for a week after this date,then a couple of days of peace.I can see the heli-pad at West Cumberland Hospital and every time I hear a helicopter brings back the horror of the 2nd June until I discover whether its bound for the hospital.Most of these helicopters have been destined for the hospital,but lots have not.Since I started typing this post,we've had three helicopters pass overhead and only one has descended to the hospital.Three weeks after the shootings,we had the Whitehaven Festival and there was a 5 minute helicopter ride available during the festival and as the departure point was also viewable from my home,I was unable to enjoy the nice weather sitting outside in the garden.The only respite from the helicopters during the festival was due to an air display by the Red Arrows.I did think the increase in helicopters was maybe due to roadworks somewhere in the area making it impossible for the emergency services to respond to accidents on the fells except via helicopter,but if this was true then surely they'd all be destined for the hospital.

  Woolwell 14:29 08 Jul 2010

Are these civil, military, police or air ambulance helicopters? Without knowing the types it is difficult to guess why there has been an increase.

  Woolwell 14:39 08 Jul 2010

These should be air ambulance ones click here, police helos click here

  Seth Haniel 15:16 08 Jul 2010

and have no markings -- Start to Worry ;)

  interzone55 16:08 08 Jul 2010

And if it looks like this click here take a photo and let us know, as it looks very interesting

  Covergirl 20:10 11 Jul 2010

Cast your mind back to the 19th November. We had a couple of weeks of helicopters after the floods. But you didn't get them and conversely we didn't get yours but yes I know what you mean.

Ironically, most of us got yours anyway as we probably all attended the fest.

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