heavy handed police attack wheelchaired student

  timsmith259 22:30 14 Dec 2010
  monkeyboy21 22:44 14 Dec 2010

The self confessed political activist and blogger was removed from his wheelchair! Hardly attacked!

  Forum Editor 23:00 14 Dec 2010

twice, and I haven't seen 'heavy handed police' attacking anyone.

The man involved has made no official complaint. People in wheelchairs constantly - and rightly - demand that as far as possible society treats them the same as anyone else, so they can hardly complain when that's exactly what happens.

  spuds 00:27 15 Dec 2010

"heavy handed police attack wheelchaired student", seems like one of those regular media titles of 'Most vicious dog attacks child'. Nothing like horrific speculation to draw a crowd, I suppose?.

If and when the person makes an official complaint, then the public might get to know the exact truth of this incident, because no doubt there will be many reports, depending on who saw what and when.

  carver 08:00 15 Dec 2010

If you bother to watch the video you might notice that the policeman who drags him out of the wheelchair is then seen to be manhandled away from the incident by other policemen.

I don't think that they were too impressed with the way he did things.

The criteria for removing some one from a wheelchair is that two police officers acting together move him or her from that chair to avoid injury, what he did was to drag him from the chair across a road without any regards to any injury he might sustain to his legs or worse head.

  carver 09:40 15 Dec 2010

The correct procedure for dealing with a wheelchair protester is for TWO officers to carry that person to a place of SAFETY, not drag him then dump him at the side of a road, police officer thinks to himself der I'll leave him here to get trampled on, NO.

Have you ever tried to carry one person on your own, it's not easy, but I suppose you will be trained in that sort of thing and know how to do it, going backwards with a dead weight in your arms.

  ella33 09:46 15 Dec 2010

While I have every sympathy for wheelchair users and feel this guy was correct to be part of his student demo, I did feel he looked absolutely fine during the tv interview and wondered if he was allowing himself to be manipulated in order to make a scene about the police.

If he was wrongly handled, as was shown in another post here, then he should use his right to put in a complaint and have an investigation about why only one officer was moving him and therefore dragging him. It is a valid point and if this was made properly the police would review their procedures.

  carver 13:41 15 Dec 2010

I'm sorry but your line if thinking is slightly confusing to me, are you saying that it's perfectly ok then to leave a disabled person at the side of the road and from your viewpoint that it's also safe to drag the same person backwards when you can't see where you are going and do not know what is behind you.

By the way it's not standard practice to drag your fellow officer away by the arm when he has just dumped some one at the side of the road.

Then you comment that "you'll very soon find that this is a very odious young man with little or no respect for the rule of law. He clearly views this incident as his chance to promote his revolution." so you know from watching a 2 minute video what this person is like in every day life.

I can remember the poll tax marches when we were classed as odious little people with no respect for the law.

  Flak999 15:45 15 Dec 2010

of this incident, this man was removed to the side of the road by the police. As he himself has admitted he was not injured, and his brother was with him pushing his wheelchair.

As the FE has stated, disabled people wish to be treated in the same way as able bodied people. This man has some quite extreme views which he has expressed, and it is no real surprise therefore that he is subjected to the same treatment as other people on that march who may cause a breach of the peace.

  spuds 16:08 15 Dec 2010

I wonder why we have the Disability Discrimination Act?.

  Flak999 16:59 15 Dec 2010

"I wonder why we have the Disability Discrimination Act?."

precisely to stop people being discriminated against on the grounds of their disability! In this respect this wheelchair user was treated the same as any other member of the public taking part in the demonstration, and thought likely to cause a breach of the peace.

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