Noldi 21:11 27 Apr 2012

Since changing jobs I know travel Regularly through Heathrow T5. I have to say I'm not impressed with the time it takes from landing to getting out of the airport, I now request Gatwick even though it means traveling budget airline but gets me home one hour earlier.



  canarieslover 21:54 27 Apr 2012

I think you may need to switch to Birmingham or Manchester during the Olympics if you ever want to get home at all. The alternative is to book your holidays during that period as I have.

  Noldi 22:05 27 Apr 2012

That does make me laugh they have signs saying we are ready for London 2012 hope the athletes use a different route into London.


  zzzz999 22:43 27 Apr 2012

Go Schippol instead, you can get the missus a pair of slippers that look like Dutch clogs

  Forum Editor 23:30 27 Apr 2012

T5 is a bit of a nightmare at the moment - as I found out this week. I've been involved in conversations where people have said 'I don't know what the answer is' - a response that always astonishes me, because the answer stares me in the face every time I transit the airport - more staff on the immigration desks.

It really is as simple as that - the Home Office has monumentally blundered over the way it has forced the Border Agency to cut staffing levels, and the evidence is plain for all to see. The Border agency target is that each passenger should spend no more than 25 minutes clearing immigration - something that would make passengers fall about laughing if they weren't so depressed and tired after queueing for two hours.

If the government doesn't wake up and stir itself before the Olympic crowds start arriving there will be serious trouble in the immigration halls as visitors from all over the world are forced to queue for hours to enter our country. It's a total disgrace, and results entirely from the Home secretary's ineptitude.

  Noldi 09:14 28 Apr 2012

So the posters at Heatrow declaring London 2012 we are ready maybe a bit misleading. The tax we pay on our flights is that not being used to improve our airport experience?


  morddwyd 10:05 28 Apr 2012

"Go Schippol instead"

When my son flies into the UK, which used to be several times a year, but not so often now, he always goes to Schiphol and catches a feeder to the nearest UK airport to his destination so that he can avoid Heathrow.

Probably not suitable for those who travel as often as the FE, but worth doing otherwise.

  Flak999 10:38 28 Apr 2012

I returned from Prague through Heathrow T3 two weeks ago at 1pm on a Thursday and I breezed straight through the border with no wait at all! I have to say though that there were twenty desks available and only one was open.

As FE says however, if we have three hour waits at the border during the Olympics it will give very bad publicity for the country.

  Input Overload 11:08 28 Apr 2012

I was at T5 picking my son & DIL from South africa early last Monday & I can only wonder what will occur in the summer...

I for one are sorting all pending jobs I can in The Smoke now & best of British to those who have to use T: 1-5 & M25 west this summer.

  spuds 11:41 28 Apr 2012

Even Jeremy Clarkson had a strong comment in his weekly Sun newspaper column, about delays at T5 the other week, when he apparently was held up for a rather long time!.

I wonder if it might be a simple case of letting people through, without checks, who arrive from certain 'safe' areas. Or whether a last minute panic of diversion's to outlying airport's, then perhaps bussing in to the capital. Similar to rail services, when problems of service arise?.

Whatever the case, no doubt we will be hearing quite a lot more about this. And who is to blame. Someone as to be a scapegoat, and it sure ain't going to be those at the top?.

I know a family that own a private airfield, capable of handling Vulcan's and 747's, that's only a 2 hour bus ride along a nearby motorway to the capital. Their baggage handling and passenger clearance facilities might not be up to scratch, but I am sure a compromise could be reached, if the rewards are enough. At least it would be one method of spreading a little bit more of the wealth h about?.

I would point out, that the last paragraph was rather tongue in cheek, but it would help local enterprise out!.

  Forum Editor 12:05 28 Apr 2012


"I wonder if it might be a simple case of letting people through, without checks, who arrive from certain 'safe' areas."

Think about it for a moment, and you'll realise why this would be a very silly idea.

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