Heather Mills - again!

  Al94 12:43 04 Aug 2011

Claims her phone was hacked in 2001 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2022174/Daily-Mirror-hacked-calls-Sir-Paul-Piers-Morgan-bragged-listening-messages-says-Heather-Mills.html Is "You've obviously hacked my phone" terminoligy that would have been used 10 years ago?

  interzone55 13:34 04 Aug 2011

There seems to be truth in both sides of this story, as during the divorce mess in 2006 Piers Morgan said that whilst he was editor of the Mirror he'd heard a recording of her messages but demanded that they didn't run the story.

No story based on the content of the calls was ever run in the Mirror.

  birdface 14:18 04 Aug 2011

[No story based on the content of the calls was ever run in the Mirror.]

I suppose he was editor at the time so has to accept responsibility for the phone being hacked and him actually listening to it.

Heather Mills Like her or Dislike her she still has the same rights as everyone else.

Now a lot of people don't know this but you could actually buy scanners where you could evesdrop on other folk's conversations while they were phoning.

So although it would not have been classed as hacking it must still have been illegal to do so.

But then again maybe those scanners should have been banned in the first place.

  interzone55 14:28 04 Aug 2011


I passed no judgement in my comment about Piers Morgan, yes he should accept responsibility for any hacking if he he sanctioned it, or even hinted that this is a story collection direction they should take. I don't think this was the case here, I think they were being offered a story from a freelance source.

Anyway, the story didn't run on the base of this, and it may well be the only decent action Morgan ever took.

As for the scanners, in the days of analogue phones this would work, but by 2001 almost all mobile phones were digital, and were all but immune to eavesdropping. This is why investigators had to resort to listening to voice mail messages instead.

There are ways to listen to digital cellular telephones, and DECT cordless phones, but the kit is very expensive, and picks up all phones currently multiplexed into the channel you're tapped into, so you then need to filter out the phone you're interested in from perhaps hundreds of other calls.

In other words it's so hard & expensive that you'd only do it if it was really worth it, and I doubt listening to calls between Heather Mills & Sir Paul falls into that category...

  morddwyd 20:39 04 Aug 2011

Piers Morgan might have made a few mistakes in his time but I doubt if he would have said (as reported) to the victim, "Oh, by the way I listened to a tape of your voice mail to Paul last night"!

My credibility is being stretched a little.

  morddwyd 06:42 05 Aug 2011


I have no doubt he said he heard it.

I do have doubt that he said so to Heather Mills the day after!

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