Healthy Eating

  laurie53 08:02 12 Nov 2008

Burger vans to be closed unless they serve salads.

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Now as a cardio-vascular patient I'm as much in favour of healthy eating as the next person, but does anyone really go to a burger van if they're looking for a healthy option?

  Quickbeam 08:07 12 Nov 2008


  Brumas 09:16 12 Nov 2008

Imagine the dialogue " May I have a fresh green salad tossed only in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a side serving of spam fritters,bacon,sausage,egg and chips please? ;o))

  dagnammit 09:48 12 Nov 2008

Sounds tasty....

  The Brigadier 11:26 12 Nov 2008

Local greasy spoon cafe/trailer near me would go bust over night if they started serving salads!

What more does a trucker want than a hot brew & a sausage & egg sarnie!

  Grey Goo 13:30 12 Nov 2008

Driving lessons

  carver 13:51 12 Nov 2008

That sort of breakfast is completely unhealthy without the black pudding and the fried bread.

  The Brigadier 13:53 12 Nov 2008

When on a course last year the amount of full English breakfasts served each morning was amazing, in fact you could count on 1 hand those of us who were eating healthy food.

  DANZIG 14:09 12 Nov 2008

As far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as 'healthy' or indeed 'unhealthy' food. As long as a balanced diet is maintained then there should be little to worry about.

People who spend there lives reading the sides of packets seeing how much sugar/salt/cholesterol etc etc is in a product is surely heading for a heart attack or a nervous breakdown anyway!

  Clapton is God 14:25 12 Nov 2008

"does anyone really go to a burger van if they're looking for a healthy option?"

By the same token - does anyone go to McDonald's if they want to eat food?

  Grey Goo 14:30 12 Nov 2008

It's typical that the foods regarded by the masses as being tasty are probably going to do the most harm. However having the odd fry up probably won't do any damage, it may be wise to avoid such a diet on a 24/7 basis.

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