health warning!

  [email protected] 23:31 15 Aug 2007

i went to the doc's earlier, they scare me. my temperature is always very high, so they keep me in.
anyway, i have been waking in the night with cramp in different places, as soon as i sit up i get a headache so severe i cant see and this makes me sick, i get in the shower, do back to bed and im fine. as it was becoming a constant ache behind my eyes, i thought i had better see the doc (this is a male thing i guess?)
first thing he asked was do i use a pc? only 8 hours a day at work then another 4 when i get home, i replied. it seems i have a spasm in my neck causing my discomfort, probably caused from using the pc and dropping my shoulder when i play guitar. but i have played guitar for years, so it all points to my pc's! just a warning.

  sunny staines 00:01 16 Aug 2007

i too saw emergency dr tonight pains in eyes,now been told to see gp in morning for v.urgent referral to neurology might have bleed behind the eye [cant be too bad thought or they would have sent me to a&e]. my work involves a lot of time on a pc and i enjoy the pc when i get home might have to cut down .

  beynac 09:37 16 Aug 2007

I've been having bad headaches, behind my right eye, since Christmas. I tried new glasses - no change. I went to the doctor, who thought that it was high blood pressure. After several blood pressure checks and a blood test, the doctor decided that it could be my neck causing the trouble (I have a bit of arthritis there) and suggested that I saw an osteopath.

I've been going to the osteopath once a week and things are a lot better. My trapezius muscle is causing the headaches (click here). It is very tight and has lots of 'knots'. It's going to take a while to sort out, but we're getting there!

Sitting at the computer causes a lot of the problem, as does driving. It seems that a lot of the things I do involve that muscle being under tension. This includes playing the guitar (my wife bought me one for Christmas - when the headaches started!).

  wiz-king 10:54 16 Aug 2007

Sure it's not earache from the guitar playing? *grin*

  beynac 11:26 16 Aug 2007

"Sure it's not earache from the guitar playing?"

No, it's other people who get the earache! LOL

  sunny staines 12:44 16 Aug 2007

just back from the gp re an urgent refferal re my eyes expecting to be given a sheet of paper and told to go down there. well no v.urgent is 38 days according to gp, had to ring the hosp to book appoint then told ten weeks. gp warned me to go to casulty at first sign of anymore pains. always had good service but could not believe the waiting time for urgent stuff.

  [email protected] 13:23 16 Aug 2007

if you're not happy call the nhs direct number and tell them you are concerned.
i feel fantastic! for the first time in a while i feel great, i have even been for a swim. the doctor gave me some tablets and told me to only take them in bed. i usually sleep in 3 lots of 1/2 hours, i know it's restless because i often pull muscles in my sleep and often find it less hassle not to bother.
i went to bed at midnight had the tablets and woke at ten! simply unheard of for me. i normally wake with a dreadful fear that i got smashed the night before and have a sudo hangover for about half an hour. this happens every day, and everynight i have the same dream, im sitting at work drinking a bottle of scotch, i don't think i had it last night.
i woke up feeling supple with no aches or headache and a strange worrying feeling of happiness, i just googled the tablets and it says they're for clinical depression and er bed wetting! but can also be used for severe pain.
im back at work today and when i get in i have a feeling i wont be scared to go to bad.
maybe i should have posted this on 'what makes you smile today' thread
anyway wanted to tell someone, thanks for listening adam.

  sunny staines 13:26 16 Aug 2007

adman2 glad to see you got a good result.

  beynac 13:53 16 Aug 2007

Great news adman 2. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better.

  Forum Editor 18:58 16 Aug 2007

and the only pain I get from it is the pain of knowing I'm nowhere near as good as I would like to be.

I sit in front of a screen a great deal as well, but (touch wood) I seem to have escaped with nothing worse than a very occasional feeling that there must be something better I could have done with my life.

Like being a blues guitarist; now there's a real job for you.

  DrScott 20:48 16 Aug 2007

for my A-levels I developed severe headaches which stopped me working. I happened to be seeing a physio about a tendon injury, and she had a prod at my neck and said it was very tense. She added some laser treatment to it gratis, and then suggested that I don't lean over books too much, and stand up and stretch every now and then. Since then I've been okay with revision (I seem to spend my life doing it), as long as I'm sensible.

I guess the same must apply for working at PCs. The OC health departments of most companies should be able to offer more practical advice.

Oh, and I really want to learn the bass guitar. Now that's cool.

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