Health & Safety

  Al94 14:23 08 Nov 2011
  rawprawn 14:25 08 Nov 2011

Oh well, I suppose you could say he "Got his come downance"

  Woolwell 14:46 08 Nov 2011

He failed to anchor the ladder see Telegraph report

  gengiscant 14:53 08 Nov 2011

I don't know how they reach that conclusion.

How about because for a start the ladder was not tethered, he removed both hands from the ladder several times and as he slipped around the ladder his weight pulled it over because the ladder was not tethered. Pretty conclusive that I think.

  gengiscant 15:44 08 Nov 2011

Exactly which bit of the wall was the ladder tethered to? and if he was then how on earth did the ladder slide over?

You are obviously looking at a different video.

  badgery 15:44 08 Nov 2011

Sorry, but the best bit for me was in the words that accompanied this clip -

"Gateshead Housing Group, said it had suspended Paul Cavanagh..."

Which is presumably what the safety device should have done!!

  anskyber 15:45 08 Nov 2011

i suspect that although he appeared to tether the ladder at the bottom he did not secure it to the top.[email protected]/4387549917/in/set-72157623384004425

  Woolwell 16:14 08 Nov 2011

fourm member - In this instance I think that you are wrong. What you point out is I am fairly sure the tether for the harness. The ladder wasn't secured to the wall. If you trawl the internet you find that is reported in the majority of the reports with just about the BBC being the only one not to mention it.

  gengiscant 16:17 08 Nov 2011

How foolish of me,yes I see it now and I am baffled as to how the ladder managed to slide along the wall seeing as the guys weight was all on one side. Could it be that the tether you mention would only stop a ladder sliding down the wall I wonder.

The system he was attempting to demonstrate works perfectly but only if the ladder is tethered at the top so there can be no lateral movement.

  morddwyd 16:19 08 Nov 2011

Two golden rules for ladder usage -

They are only for access, not for use as work platformms

One hand and one leg on the ladder at all times ( no, not the same one all the time!) for safety, of the two remaining limbs one should also be on the ladder at all times for the wife and kids.

  190119 16:26 08 Nov 2011

I know this might seem a daft question but to tether the ladder to the wall you would have to climb up it first, untethered????

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