Headlight "glass" is glazed

  johnincrete 16:51 09 Feb 2015

I thought the cloudy look of my headlights was dirt inside (the inner wings are very damaged). But when I was having the car washed, it was pointed out that it was crazing of the lens.

Is there a cure other than replace the "glass"?

Car is 7 year-old Citroen C3

  bumpkin 20:33 10 Feb 2015

Firstly my apologies for my post yesterday 10.09pm. I had not read the OP properly. My daughter has a Citroen C3 and although the lenses are fine she wanted brighter bulbs which I obtained for £9 each, same size as the normal ones but I found it impossible to fit them due to lack of sensible access. I had to take it to my local MOT garage about 150yds away, as they know me they did not charge anything but even the mechanic that does this sort of thing all the time struggled and took half an hour. The point being that even if buying new ones at £50 each then unless you can fit them yourself then expect a heavy labour charge on top. On that basis it is worth trying the suggestions made here first.

  bumpkin 20:36 10 Feb 2015

And before anyone says, he cant even change a headlamp bulb you try it on a C3.

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