lee_robinson1983 15:16 13 Feb 2007

Has anyone ever been headhunted before? If yes, how did it come about? The reason I ask is because I have just received a phone call on my work line from a guy claiming to be head hunting. He knew my surname (as I didn't give it when answering), and realised I was at work so asked for a number and time to contact me on after work, I gave him my mobile number.

Has anyone heard of any scams to do with headhunting companies? Could my mobile number be enough for such scams? I am just a bit pessimistic and wary of it all as I not in the type of job where I can make a big name for myself...

  silverous 16:14 13 Feb 2007

I haven't been for a long time, but was during the heady days of the dot.com boom. If your job is in high demand and pays reasonably well it will happen. They often get your number and name from other people at your workplace, I know some recruitment agencies effectively ran 'spies' within companies - occasionally taking them out for meal/drinks as a thank you. Sometimes phone lists get handed to these people, or they wangle their way through reception to speak to 'someone in IT' (as an example) then get passed around.

Believe me, Sales people (which they are) will find you if they want to. I wouldn't be too paranoid - ask them how they found you if you are worried. Are they a reputable recruitment firm?

  [email protected] 16:14 13 Feb 2007

Yeah i was headhunted a few years ago whilst working in a very plush Hotel,please bare in mind this was in 1999 & there wasnt no where near as many SCAM's then as there is now,i wouldnt be so keen to give out ANY of your details to anyone over the phone what i would do is give name & email address then if there from any repitable company they would email you further detail...been headhunted is a intresting thing & gives u a bit of confidence or it did to me,just tread with care & i would be keen to ask where the they got ur number from....
good luck my freind...

  SB23 16:25 13 Feb 2007

I was headhunted a few years back. Was told that I was the best thing since sliced bread, and that the company would benefit if I joined them.
I listened to all the benefits I would receive, but when it came down to the nitty gritty as they say, I was better off staying where I was. So I did, and it was only next door! lol.
Good luck, but do as I did, and consider your options before you make any decisions.

  The Brigadier 17:59 13 Feb 2007

Both my sister & i have, but by different companies.
Sis got the call at home and they seemed to know a lot about her, she was very frighted by it all so i did some digging and found who the company were working on behalf. Turned out to be a well known TV star. But they way she was approached frighted her so much she decided not to go for an interview. We also had a chat to the company concerned about the manner they approached her.

As for me i got headhunted a few years by an old friend, saw the plans & had a few chats but it was not really me, talked it over with Mrs Brigadier and told them i was not interested. My friend took it well, sadly his company only grew debts & never made a profit.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:18 13 Feb 2007

The industry I work in regularly "poaches" personnel.

Several of us move round approx 4/5 companies, stay for a couple of years before being head hunted by another, eventually ending up back where we started (although on a better salary)about every 10 years.

  amonra 22:26 13 Feb 2007

If it's a genuine headhunter employed by some firm to "poach" you, then usually you are the last to know. Ask your friends if they have received any unusual requests for personal information, they will know first.

  p;3 22:51 13 Feb 2007

I was deliberately head-hunted for the Senior nursing post I now hold; I received an invitation to interview out of the blue but not too unexpected ;to make it 'fair'they invited several others in for an interview (Equal Opportunities etc) and I had a most interesting 'interview' for the job and was virtually told on the spot that I had got it

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