HBOS Vs AIG who's next..

  charmingman 00:30 17 Sep 2008

IF either of these two companies goes under i belive it will put the uk economy almost on its knees, AIG alone has finacial Links to almost EVERY finacial institution on the planet.!!

ITs almost certain that one of the two companies or at worse BOTH will go under, i was watching the tv today & there was a finacial analisist stating he was almost certain the reccession would only last a couple of months..??

& this is the reason majority of people DONT now listen to people like this as its VERY clear this will go much further than expected way beyond 2009..same as our goverment they seem to want us to belive its not that bad...

  charmingman 00:34 17 Sep 2008

Just to add there was interview with someone from the banks who stated there REALY isnt much money left for the goverments to keep pulling banks out of the poo..

so its a case of first come first served..

  interzone55 08:54 17 Sep 2008

The US Federal Reserve has loaned AIG $80bn in return for an 80% stake in the company.

They did this because AIG's finances are inextricably woven through most of the world's large financial institutions and would cause seismic shocks through the markets if they were allowed to collapse.

I'm not sure HBOS would cause quite the same level of devastation if the went belly up, we may well see later this week.

One thing this situation shows is that some companies cannot be allowed to fail, so there is no real incentive for the bond traders to work for the long term gain of their employers, they can just go for risky, short term massive gains, trouser the bonuses and let the tax payers bail out the company went it inevitably hits the buffers...

  laurie53 09:00 17 Sep 2008

Someone made the interesting point that the AIG bail out is a bad thing since it sends the message to financial institutions that imprudence is not a problem since the government will save you anyway.

  ventanas 09:02 17 Sep 2008

Charmingman is noted for this kind of ridiculous post, take no notice.
If all the so-called financial experts would just keep their mouths shut for a few weeks and stop trying to sell newspapers, things would quietly sort themselves out. I never felt that AIG would go under, and events overnight have shown that. HBOS is secure, all my money is with them, and I'm not moving it.
Cut the sensationalist crap and be patient, shares will start to rise soon, they always do. In fact if you check this mornings' financial news you will see that it's already happening.
As for what's been happening, most of the banks have brought it on themselves, lending money they haven't got to those who can't repay it. Business means bonuses, and that's all that mattered to a lot of them, they couldn't have cared less about what they may be doing to people.
When my daughter was applying for a mortgage a few years ago she was actually encouraged by her broker to lie about her income so as to aquire a larger loan ( and more commission for the broker of course). She brought the matter to me and I confronted the broker, and told them what I did, and what connections I had. That put a stop to what was basically fraud, and frightened this person half to death.
Gandalph's comments a few days ago have hit the nail on the head.

  charmingman 09:21 17 Sep 2008 what world do you live in..??
you stated "Charmingman is noted for this kind of ridiculous post" not sure if you are aware that you cannot barrage other members with personal insults...
Also you have your money in HBOS & ur happy them been there...are you sure..??
Rather you then i....

Forum Member WHY is it that when you dissagree with other member post's you insult them...ther is other forum's you might want to take your frustration out on instead of this one..

Have a nice day everyone :-)

  charmingman 09:37 17 Sep 2008

ventanas also are you a landlord..? you sound like one..???

  JanetO 09:41 17 Sep 2008

I'm with you on this one, charmingman. It's precisely this head-in-the-sand attitude that got the world finances into this fiasco in the first place.

It's all very well saying all's going to be well, there's nothing to worry about, let's not panic: But in the real world soon unemployment will be rife, businesses will struggle to survive and more banking institutions will collapse.

If we adopt a Mary Poppins view nothing will get sorted and things will get worse.

  oresome 09:52 17 Sep 2008

There is now talk of Lloydstsb buying HBOS, but not at the current low price for some reason, rather £3.00 per share.

If you're a shareholder in either, be afraid, very afraid.

  interzone55 10:15 17 Sep 2008

The current low price of around £1 a share is not a true value for HBOS, so any takeover at that price would not be passed by the majority of shareholders.

The current low price is because a lot of people are panicking and offloading vulnerable shares and taking the cash. Once the panic is over the price will stablise at around £2.50 a share, much closer to lloyds offer price of £3 a share.

  tein 10:40 17 Sep 2008

A good friend of mine who is 67 years old has NEVER had a bank account,

He has the "Money under the Matress" attitude & i would of once dissagreed with him about his money not been secure,

However it seems that in fact "He" was right all along & although he has never gained a penny in intrest he can sleep with the fact he still has the money to use when he wants to,

If HBOS are in NO financial difficulty's then why are they merging? thats the question i would like to ask

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