morddwyd 20:19 27 Jun 2010

I've seen more old fashioned haymaking this year than in the last twenty.

Usually it's cut and into the silage clamp all in one day.

Has something changed in the agricultural world?

  the hick 06:00 28 Jun 2010

Was in Hampshire last weekend, and I did see some haymaking, turning it over to dry it out fully. I think one of the machines for doing this task used to be called an 'Acrobat', towed by a tractor, but I cannot recall who made them.

  spuds 16:19 28 Jun 2010

Saving the environment perhaps?.

  Quickbeam 19:19 28 Jun 2010

Maybe it's 'cause the sun is shining?

  morddwyd 19:56 28 Jun 2010

I suspect, on reflection, that it may be another sign of the decline in milk production.

I think silage is mainly fed to dairy cattle.

  QuizMan 23:27 28 Jun 2010

My brother-in law's hobby is restoring old farm machinery. He grows corn on land near here and uses the machinery to gather it in and thresh it. It is fascinating to watch and he makes money by selling the corn to local merchants and the hay goes to the thatching industry.

  Ulysse 02:07 29 Jun 2010

If he is growing and selling corn, he will not have hay but straw from the crop.
You do not thatch with hay but either straw or reeds.
People frequently do not realise the difference between hay and straw.
Hay is grass which is cut whilst still green and the sap is allowed to dry out. It is then used as feed.
Straw is a by-product of grain harvesting. The grain is allowed to ripen and at the same time it takes the vitamens etc. from the stalk which dries out and turns a yellow/brown. It is mainly used as bedding or for thatching although some is used as fuel for heating.
All the grain which we grow for flour (mainly wheat, oats, barley and rye)are types of grass.

  QuizMan 10:04 29 Jun 2010

You are quite right - thank you for the correction. In my slight defence, my mind went blank when I typed the post and I remember thinking at the time that hay did not seem the right word, but it was getting late. I had just got back from competing in a track competition (not easy when you are the wrong side of 60) and was just browsing the forum as a way of unwinding before bedtime.

  Ulysse 11:08 29 Jun 2010

You're more than welcome and no defence is needed – we have all done the same sort of thing at some stage or other :-) (many times in my case).

I was talking not so long back to a chap whose family had a dairy farm on which he had grown up and he was insisting that they fed their cows straw – it took quite a long time to explain the difference and convince him that he was talking about hay because when hay is old it tends to change colour and look a bit like straw.

As you will know, most 'townies' do not realise that what we here in Britain refer to as 'corn' is normally wheat or barley and that when they see a field of grain waiting to be harvested they are really looking at a type of grass.

I hope that you enjoyed your track competition – I'm also a little on the wrong side of 60 and there is no way that I am any where near fit enough to take part in one!

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